New Quill Star Wars Paper Invades Small Business Universe

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, business gifts and products were dull.

If you don’t remember, you have certainly heard of those sad, bygone days. Employees would get a watch for 25 years of service to the same company. Secretaries would receive a gift basket full of bad cheese and stale crackers. Secret Santas would give lame gift cards. Walls were painted beige and carpet was “indoor-outdoor.”

But today, things are different, better. One of the best things to happen in the workplace over the past decade is the loosening-up of old rules. First to go was formal attire, with the advent of “Casual Fridays;” the one day of the week where men could ditch their ties and women could wear comfortable shoes. Then, as technology made work more of something we do and less a place where we go, rules relaxed even more. Everyday became casual day.

And one nice offshoot of that is that the staid, boring old office got a much-needed update. As cultures relaxed, bosses realized that, hey, employees are people too. Instead of a thoughtless gift basket, valuable staffers were given gift certificates to the spa, or a night out at the ballgame, or time off to attend a spiritual retreat.

And it is in this vein that I am happy to report that my pals at Quill have recently released Star Wars™ Copy Paper (8.5″ × 11″, Letter Size, 10 Reams/Carton). The box is covered with art from the original film, Episode IV, a New Hope (fun side tidbit – when I was a kid and saw the trailer for Star Wars with my dad, I remember him saying, “Well, that sure looks like a real stinker.” Ha!)

Check it out:

uill Star Wars Letter-size Copy Paper

Today, neither gifts nor the office need be boring, not with innovative products like this one from Quill. Indeed, not only does Quill offer businesses more than 1 million office supplies and products, but now, with a fun product like this, they prove themselves to be a true friend to the rebel alliance – err – I mean entrepreneurs everywhere.

What I love about the Star Wars paper is that it reinforces this idea that work isn’t just about work anymore. Work and the office are made up of people with interests that obviously extend far beyond the bottom line. It is the great business / office / culture that not only tolerates these differences, but actually celebrates them.

How? Oh, I don’t know, maybe with Star Wars copying paper?

Not only is this top quality, white paper wrapped in Star Wars inspired reams of 500 sheets, but the box lid itself can be turned into wall art. Check it out:


So, that plain old boring generic box of paper? That’s not the droid you’re looking for. What you want instead is to participate in this work revolution by empowering your staff to express themselves and their creativity, to have more fun at the office, and you can start by picking up some Star Wars paper yourself.

Do that, make your staff happy, and a whole lot more than the Force will be with you!

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