Can You Take a Course Instead of the New Mexico Construction Industries Division Business and Law Exam?

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To work in any contracting business, you need to receive a license in New Mexico. You are required to pass two exams to get the license. The one is on business and law, and another one is on your trade.

Yes, it is possible to take an online course instead of the New Mexico business and law exam. The course needs to be developed on the basis of Construction Industries Division requirements and be approved by the institution.

How Does the Exam Work? 

The Business and Law examination consists of 50 questions. To pass it, you need to score 75%. You have 130 minutes to do the exam. To prepare yourself for it, you need to familiarize yourself with various documents. The Construction Industries Licensing Act is one of them.

The exam covers the following areas with 3-8 question devoted to each of them:

  • Licensing requirements
  • Estimating and bidding
  • Business organization and financial management
  • Tax laws
  • Labor laws
  • Project management and lien law
  • Contracts
  • Risk management
  • Environment and safety

The examination might also include some questions on trade-related knowledge and general industry practices. You cannot take the exam more than twice within 30 days. If you fail twice, you need to wait for 30 days to try again. You can take only approved items in the examination room.

What Does Taking the Course Imply? 

It is legal to skip the severe procedure described above. It is impossible not to spend your time learning and answering questions on all the areas listed above, though. The course covers them all. But it is possible to do it at your own pace and convenience from the comfort of your home or the peace and quiet of a nearby park. You can access the course with your phone and learn when you have a sudden gap in your busy schedule. In the end, it is not only about passing the exam, isn’t it? The expert-driven content of the course gives you well-structured knowledge that might be useful in your day-to-day work.

If you are aiming for residential water well pump installer license, for example, it is probably easier for you to prepare yourself for your trade examination, talking about motors, controls, and overcurrent protection. The questions and topics seem practical and familiar. Business and Law exam requirements might seem more theoretical, demand bigger effort, and make you want the terms to be well-explained. Or maybe you are happy with the law and business lingo but want to do your learning when and where suits you. With the Tradesman course, you can have it all.

The course implies approximately 16 hours of learning. It clearly explains obscure judicial language. The Tradesman course is well-reviewed. Those who take it say the course helped them to discover some useful things they did not know and appreciate the fact that they could learn at their own pace.

Rely on the professionally developed course, learn at your convenience, minimize stress, and start the career of your dream!