Networking Tips for Freelancing Beginners

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Diving into the world of freelance is like walking on a double-edged sword. Individuals who employ themselves with this kind of profession have seen their own fair share of ups and downs. Like what the general public believes, freelancers, basically, set their own rules. They become their own bosses, set their own rates, have flexible work schedules, and most importantly, utilize their talents to create unique and original services and/or products. The downside of this field, however, is the probability of generating clients, and personally, I think that this is the most difficult aspect freelancers have to deal with.

Most of my freelancing friends who encounter this dilemma are forced to lower their rates, so that people would infer that they are giving out special “promos” and such. Although it is one way to generate profit, to me, it is quite unfair. Freelancers are hardworking individuals and produce outputs that can compete with big named brands. If people want to hire their services, they must pay the proper price. Sadly, however, since freelance businesses are not very well-known, individuals tend to associate freelancers as the “cheaper alternative” for most products and services.

Thankfully, in this day and age, freelancers are beginning to rise to the occasion because of the different forms of media that is available today. However, just because these programs, machines, and websites can be easily acquired, freelancers need to utilize them properly. So, if you are a freelancer who needs to put your business back on track, keep these necessary tips in mind.

Why Having a Good Network is Essential for Freelancers

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to conduct transactions with their customers, if they want their brands to keep standing. It is common knowledge that people will pay or purchase a certain product and/or service that they wish to own. Freelancers are capable of delivering these types of services, but lack the “star power” to attract enough clients. In order for freelancers to get over this tough hurdle, they would need to establish a strong network. It allows you to go out and search for your specific clients, ask veteran freelancers for advice, and encourage healthy competition between you and your peers.  Creating your network however, will need your full cooperation and patience because its effects are not immediate.

To begin establishing a strong network, you might want to consider these following tips:

  • Know your audience and your brand
  • Offer promos that will benefit both parties
  • Help other freelancers out
  • Make us of popular social networking sites
  • Be humble and ask for help
  • Good PR Will Give Your Business an Edge

Getting people interested to purchase your products and/or services can be a bit tricky. With so many brands sprouting left and right, your potential clients may now choose from a variety of establishments; and although friendly competition helps you create business strategies, losing a customer to a store that basically offers the same thing is a loss for your business.

Attract more customers by developing good PR. The only way to let people know that your brand is ready to compete with the big dogs is to show them that you mean business. You need to spread your establishment’s name, purpose, and perks, like wildfire so that interested individuals will remember you if ever they need or want a specific product or service. However, you need to balance out your PR-ing methods to the tee, so that they would not interpret your advertisements as a kind of spam.

Take Technology by the Horns

In this day and age, you will rarely see a person who is not staring in front of a screen. Be it from their phones, tablets, and laptops, electronic devices have revolutionized how we live and move around the world. And with the help of the internet, connection between two individuals has become faster and more efficient.

When you are thinking about your brand’s network, you have to always go with the flow. Back in the day, freelancers had difficulty getting their brand’s name out there. They resort to methods such as word-of-mouth, calling/business cards, newspaper ads, and the like, which are somewhat unreliable and expensive to keep up. With the availability of the internet however, freelancers are able to post and upload their contents to a much larger audience with little to no charge. For example, creating a new mobile app that will help your clients access your site, products, and the like, easily will attract more people to your brand. Putting up a website, on the other hand, is much easier – because of the various websites that cater to this – and tightens your relationship with your clients. Following the trends that are set by today’s generation will definitely help you get the clients and resources you need.

Establish a Good Relationship with Your Clients, Peers, and Competitors

To be able to say that you have a successful network, you need to keep in touch with the people who are involved. That means you should regularly interact with your customers, freelancing peers and competitors because these people will help your business grow. Now, this relationship demands to be a give-and-take kind of deal – help them, to help you. You can do this by giving loyal customers discounts, promos, and freebies, and help your freelancing peers with establish their own networking system.

Always remember that you need clients to keep yourself in business. There are various ways to attract customers, but it is always best to develop a good network and an effective PR system and/or strategy. With these by your side, it will be easier to maintain a steady profit flow, and at the same time give your brand the opportunity to flow.

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Johann is a digital marketing consultant. He has written for various sites about current marketing strategies.