Mobile Marketing Magic

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Mobile phones have became the most common Web access device in the world, overtaking the once-venerable desktop PC, as well as the laptop. It is actually an extraordinary turn of events, is it not? It sure seems like the mobile era descended upon us incredibly quickly.

Maybe that is why not a few small businesses people are still playing catch-up on this latest revolution; they are still trying to get their website right, or their e-commerce store up, or are wondering if they should stay with Facebook or pivot to Instagram.

But consider these stats:

  • More than half of all searches are now done on a mobile device
  • Many of those searches have a local intent (they are looking for stores and things in your area)
  • Most people, Millennials especially, expect to be able to do some of their work remotely using their mobile

No one said being in business for yourself would be easy. Especially these days.

And yet, with extraordinary change comes extraordinary opportunity.

So of all of the things you could do to help your business right now, with all of these changes afoot, it seems to me that the smartest, best use of your limited time would be to get a handle on this mobile revolution, because it has had, and will continue to have, profound ramifications for your business. This is true for both how you will run your business, as well as how customers will interact with it. Employees and customers both will expect that you will have mobile solutions.

So just how do you take advantage of the fact that mobility now rules the day? Here are a few things to do:

1. Mobile-optimize your site: How do most new people find your business these days? Yep, they probably use their mobile phones. How are they going to find you this holiday season? Yes again – doing a search on their mobile.

This means your site must be mobile-optimized. Indeed, the latest change to the Google algorithm dings websites that are not mobile-friendly. If you want potential customers to search and find you when they are out shopping this year, you must have a site that has been mobile optimized. Period.

2. Master mobile marketing: Once upon a time, maybe you had to master terrestrial marketing – radio, TV, newspapers, brochures, billboards, and all the rest. Then things changed and you definitely had to learn about online marketing – pay-per-click, websites, banner ads, e-newsletters, and so on.

So here we are again. You have no choice now but to get a handle on mobile marketing – text campaigns, geo-targeted mobile ads, apps, and so on. If you want to attract the next generation of customers, the way you will do so is through mobile marketing.

3. Become app-tastic: Not only does you being mobile-savvy mean that you will be able to use mobile strategies to get new customers, but it also means that you will be able to take advantage of new ways to run your business.

The sheer number of apps out there to help you run your business is mind-boggling. There are apps to help you analyze your social media metrics, that help you with money and finances, for project management, customer support, for travel, you name it.

They’re amazing. In fact, they are, well, app-tastic!

4. Be able to take mobile payments: Whether it is Square, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, MasterCard PayPass, or whatever, customers increasingly expect you to be able to process their mobile payment. Can you? If they answer is no, then the answer needs to become yes. Indeed, the answer needs to become yes to all of the above.

Not only will the revolution be televised, it will be streamed by a mobile device.

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