Micro Business Marketing Growth Tips

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In 2017, the marketing needs of modern businesses are far different than they were ten or twenty years ago. Today, businesses must think far beyond the local level. They also need to go above and beyond to reach across state lines and even to international customers. If you happen to be running a micro or small business, you’ll have a more difficult time competing against wealthier businesses. Below, you’ll find tips that will make your company competitive regardless of your budget.

Mobile Is Key

The way people access the Internet is far different today. More and more people use their smartphones to access the Internet, communicate, manage their emails, and even play games. The Internet searches among mobile users have also climbed substantially higher. As a business owner, it is absolutely vital to target mobile users. If you fail to do so, you’re missing a major opportunity to find new customers and inflate your company’s revenue. Make sure your site is mobile friendly, create an app for your business, and consider investing in mobile ads.

Stick With Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t necessarily a new strategy. Nevertheless, it has remained very effective over the past few years. With a reasonable email marketing campaign, you can easily increase your customer retention rate, while simultaneously encourage older customers to return to your website to make another purchase. Just remember that it is vital to get customers to subscribe to your email newsletter first. Whether you operate a law firm or a local restaurant, you can benefit enormously from email marketing.

Just be cautious about sending too many emails to your clients. If you overdo it, you risk losing subscribers very rapidly.

Video Marketing Can Help

While technology has definitely improved society as a whole, it has also had a few negative side effects. For starters, it has caused the attention span for most consumers to drop considerably. Many consumers today will not sit down and read an article that contains more than a few hundred words. This is why it is vital for all small and micro businesses to market with video content. Recent research has confirmed that around sixty percent of consumers would rather watch a video than read text.

Therefore, video marketing is truly a necessity in the 21st century. Use videos to attract new customers and expand your company’s reach.

Incorporating Social Media

Today, having a website isn’t enough to make you a success. Instead, it is vital to have a presence on various Internet platforms, including social media. Social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are now used by billions of consumers all around the globe. While you will not be able to get each to become a customer, you can still leverage the massive userbases to benefit your company. By putting together an effective social media marketing campaign, it will be possible to increase the revenue of your business while spending very little.

Social media can be good for finding new customers, controlling your company’s reputation, and developing new relationships. Use it carefully and it’ll pay off dividends in the long run.