Spice Up Your Content to Get Noticed!

Is your content a little vanilla?

Are you wondering why people don’t seem to want to read, let alone share your content?

Maybe you need to spice it up a little! Content marketing is still new to many businesses. But if you’re churning out boring content, how can you expect to gain the attention of viewers?

Don’t believe me?

Click on a website whose page is a solid page of text. Start your count down before you click the back button. Did you last 10 seconds or did you bolt like most users?

Take a Cue from Your Favorite Chef and Add a Dash of Bold Flavor to Your Content

Businesses are coming around to the idea that to attract people to your website, you need to offer them a reason to come. Besides the obvious Field of Dreams reference that if you build it, they will come, you need to learn how to construct it right.

With these simple tools, you too can compose something that grabs the attention of your desired audience:

1. Go Viral

It happens the week after the internet has discovered a new video craze- the traditional parody video.

When Gangnam style broke onto the internet scene, all of a sudden you had attorneys, marketers, political staffers, and beauticians posting parody videos.

And they got published. And republished. Sites like Mashable had hilarious collections of some of these business’ parodies.

I think I wasted an entire lunch one day laughing and then clicking on the website of the people behind the video. Take a stab at creating something funny that people will find similarly irresistible.

2. Get visual!

There’s a reason why Instagram and Pinterest are so damn popular.

People love visual content. Don’t believe me?

Would you rather learn something new with a slide show presentation or would you rather read a lengthy book on how to do something?

Chances are, you’ll take visual for $500, Alex.

3. Show off Your Personality

One of my favorite things about content marketing is the ability to see some of the personalities of business owners shine through.

For instance, I follow a wonderful wine store on Facebook who’s always uploading clever meal ideas to pair with their wines, table decorations, and funny drinking themed memes.

Would it surprise you to know that this owner has not only a love of wine, but also of cooking and entertaining? Show off your unique personality.

Don’t be afraid to show people who you really are.

4. Be social!

I know, you’ve signed up for Facebook and Twitter and you’ve dutifully posted links to your newest shopping page.

But are you really reaching out to people with your posts?

Engage your sleepy profiled fans. Start recognizing your fan of the week for publicly engaging with your content. Offer goodies to people who refer you out. Get to know what your fans want and like about your business.

Create a community, not just a page!

Don’t Half Try

It’s hard to be bold, I know.

But throwing a lame duck out onto the internet stage isn’t going to get you noticed. Well, if you draw on little maggots, maybe.

But the point remains, you need to grab people’s attention and the best way to do that is by creating content that makes people sit up and take notice.

So spice it up and get your business noticed!

As business owners adjust to inbound marketing techniques, they’re still playing around with the idea of content marketing.

It’s not intuitive, I know.

But if you relax a little, you can certainly have a little fun with the content you post. Don’t be afraid to be that spicy hot pepper with bold flavor. Be bold, be different, and be unique!