How To Get More Out of Your Video Marketing Campaigns

According to a recent study, by 2017 over 70% of all online traffic will be video content. Almost 36% of that content is going to be pre-roll/post-roll advertising. The worldwide online video spending is expected to grow $11.4 billion a year through 2016. The stats clearly suggest that there is growing engagement with online video and marketers will have to create more innovative solutions to reach out to their target audience.

Need for more Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Many marketers define their success by conversions rather than by eyeballs. If this applies to your business model, it is important to build a strategy that verifies your campaign effectiveness while demonstrating ROI. Building such a strategy is a long-term process, where you will have to run and test through several campaigns. The following steps will help you get more out of your video marketing campaigns.

1. Develop Highly Interactive Multimedia Content

Create interactive and branded video brochures, microsites, or landing pages. Build this multimedia content with unique URLs and tracking solutions. Once users have viewed your videos, they should be able to take relevant response actions. YouTube may be your mainstay when it comes to promoting your business through video marketing, just positing your promotional video content on the site will not be enough to help you get high quality leads. It is required to provide relevance and context, and the capability to take the right response action at the right levels.

Standalone videos are limiting in many ways. They limit the amount and level of viewer engagement and action, and even in terms of tracking the response data. Considering these limitations in video promotion is most important when you are running your email marketing campaigns. Because videos will usually not play in customized HTML emails, you will have to redirect your audience to a webpage or YouTube. But this can be seen as another limiting factor because you are reducing follow-ups or distracting them.

A solution to this issue is to create a squeeze page-type with a more branded experience to create an impression. Such a solution can help in making an impression and allow clear follow-up actions, increasing your viewer engagement levels and response rate. You can create relevant and matching landing pages. Create video ads that land on pages within your website. These landing pages must visually be matching to the video message.

2. Create Solutions for Real-time Tracking

Any video marketing campaign must be supported by easy access to tracking and reporting solutions. It doesn’t matter whether it is a video campaign or video email messages. This is essential because the goal behind your digital marketing effort is to improve the level of sales engagement with your target audience.
Use dynamic video content such as video brochures along with custom messages to help generate better engagement with your prospects. But that can be effective only when you are able to track the data in real time and improve your strategies and response times.

Follow-up response time is crucial in prospect engagement. Studies show that the chances of converting a lead drop by over 7 times when the response time extends from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. When the response time extends from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, the chances of conversion fall by 4 times. So if you want to improve the results with your video marketing campaign, it is important to have access to real-time tracking data. The more you delay your response time, the higher are the chances of losing your prospects. Therefore you should implement standard response time policy.

3. Content is King in Video Marketing Too

Content is king even in video marketing campaigns. This is the general rule that applies to all online marketing strategies. Developing quality content is a challenge in itself, especially when the content is in video form. Use these strategies to develop high quality video content:

  • Create useful how-to video guides. People love videos that show them how to do things they are interested in.
  • Highlight new features of your product. These can serve as your USPs, helping your sales cycle.
  • Create videos of genuine customer testimonials and feedbacks.
  • Create videos demonstrating value proposition. Such owner-benefit content has always been effective.
  • Promote your webinars by embedding your videos in emails.
  • Conduct spontaneous interviews relevant to your niche and create videos. Originality is always valued.
  • Always deliver 3rd-party content from industry-leading experts. It should not always be about your own business and products.
  • Convert graphics/data from your infographics and deliver through videos.
  • Create videos for visual storytelling.

When it comes to video content, you should combine the advantages of picture and text. Use your text across videos in a non-intrusive fashion and use basic call to actions. This can be more effective than just creating a video content.

4. Create Mobile-Ready & HTML5 Video

In an age where mobile browsing is as prevalent as desktop browsing, it is crucial for businesses to create videos which can be rendered well on all mobile devices and browsers. It is also important to use video formats which are HTML5 compatible. You cannot use Flash as a format any longer because it is not compatible with many devices. You cannot reach iOS devices with your Flash videos. Make sure that your videos are formatted for automatic playing. The quality should also be able to adjust automatically and optimally to different bandwidth levels.

When you make your video accessible on more devices and browsers, you are improving the chances of engagement. Studies show that over 65% of people who view videos will watch almost 75% of the video length. The key to succeeding with your video marketing campaign is to remain focused on one goal and to deliver the key message in the early part of the video. It is also recommended to keep the size of your videos to less than 30 seconds.

Use these video marketing strategies and you will be able to take your online marketing campaign to the next level.