Maria Vittoria Cusumano Opens Up on Leading a Chic Lifestyle

With an Instagram profile of more than 300,000 followers, an online magazine to manage, recipient of many awards, and the ability to sell – is there anything that Maria Vittoria Cusumano cannot do? At only 27, Maria Vittoria Cusumano, or Mary, as everyone calls her, has achieved more than what many people do in their lifetime. Mary is leading a frenetic life of an entrepreneur and influencer with only one aim in mind – to become more successful.

Mary’s magazine

Maria Vittoria Cusumano was born in Bonn in 1991 and raised in New York and Rome. At 27, she is one of the most successful women of her time. Although she graduated from law school, her primary interest was fashion. This led her to start her online fashion magazine called MVC Magazine. Mary is also pursuing her masters in Forensic Genetics. Apart from being the founder and editor of her magazine, Mary is also one of the most sought after social media influencers.

Her love for the fashion industry made her magazine a sensation within a year. Less than a year from its foundation, the magazine has become a reference point for thousands of fashion lovers. She has a team of approximately 35 professionals from the journalism and fashion industry working for the magazine. Mary oversees everything that goes on her magazine, thus ensuring that it lives up to the expectations of fashion lovers. From thematic sections to the latest streetwear trends, you will find almost every fashion-related update in her magazine.

Mary on her personal life

Mary has a very contagious smile. But that’s not the only thing that makes her successful. She is incredibly intelligent and has a massive knowledge of fashion. Mary even loves to read about world news. This is one of the reasons why she has so many followers on her social media profiles. Of all the things Mary could do, she chose to follow her passion and now she makes a living out of it.

Her enthusiasm for fashion grew from a very young age. In an interview, she revealed how she was born in a family with only women around her. With three sisters and her mother, she had ample opportunity to browse the clothes she liked. But since 2016, she started writing her fashion blog “Thescentofwoman.” However, she was not content with the number of viewers on her blog. This led to her starting her online magazine MVC.

Mary’s self-fashion revelations

In a recent interview, Maria had to answer a tricky question about what she always carries in her suitcase and bag. She mentioned that she always carries her mobile phone. Since Mary is an avid Instagrammer, it makes sense why she can’t live without her phone. And in her bag, she said she always carries a pair of heels and sneakers so that she can be ready for any occasion.

Maria Vittoria Cusumano is an inspiration to all fashion lovers. She is a symbol of empowerment to women and what they can do if they follow their passion.

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