Making Your Brand Work for You

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Making Your Brand Work for You

Every business, no matter what size, what industry and what service or product, needs to consider its brand and how you’d like to portray yourself to the outside world. Continue reading for our advice on how to make your brand work for you.

Be Consistent

Ensuring that there is consistency across your website and social media platforms is vital. Simple things such as having the same profile picture on Facebook as you have an Instagram can really make a difference. People will relate the image with you and your business rather than wondering if they have stumbled upon the right account. Having the same username is another useful addition. It can be tricky to find a name which is available across the platforms you intend to use, but there are websites that will search on your behalf and generate a screen showing which are taken and which are free for the taking. This can be incredibly odd putting for potential customers and therefore you could lose business.

Be Present

Establishing a clear presence both on- and offline is imperative. Tweeting every now and then or posting the occasional image on Instagram screams inconsistency and can be a real turn off for potential clients. If you post something on social media using a scheduling tool, be sure to return to the post regularly to engage with your customers, both existing and potential. People will stop interacting and your level of engagement will reduce if you fail to react. In terms of offline presence, consider designing a shirt or bag to feature your logo. Encourage all employees to wear or carry them at certain events.

Be professional

Professionalism is vital in all industries and in all situations. It is easy to become engaged in a heated debate sitting in front of the keyboard on social media, but consider the serious damage this could do to your reputation. If a complaint has been made, respond with factual information. If the former client is keen to continue being confrontational, simply block and move on. It would say far more about you if you became rude than it would about them and you could certainly lose potential customers.

Maintaining your cool is also vital in person and when you’re out and about. So, ensure language you use in phone calls and meetings is free from vulgar jokes and prejudice. These things will automatically blacklist you for some people.

Be Better

Accepting that your current standard of service is as good as it can get is far from what a high-quality business would do. Striving to always improve things is intrinsic to success. Ensuring your brand is known for always trying to better what you have to offer will certainly put you in a great position within the market. Asking customers for suggestions of areas on which to improve could support you in your mission to do better. Complacency can easily lead to failure in all areas of life. Many sectors are fast-paced and what was acceptable in 2010 may not be deemed anywhere near satisfactory in 2020.

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John is a serial entrepreneur and writer who is passionate about helping small businesses launch and grow. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.