The Magic Ingredient for Business Success

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This post is sponsored by Staples Business Advantage®, the business-to-business division of Staples, Inc.

Starting and running a new business can seem like being alone in a dark room; you know you are there, but no one else does. The question then is, how do you turn on the light and let people know about you?

One word – marketing.

Marketing is critical to a business for all sorts of reasons (branding, relationship-building, etc.), but the main and most important one is that, if done right, it exposes new people to your business. That, in turn, is what not only keeps you in business but what allows you to grow.

But you will notice I said that this only happens if done right because far too often, business people do it wrong. Doing it wrong is when you rely on the same tired marketing methods again and again, targeting the same people again and again, and therefore getting the same drab results, yes, again and again.

It’s like the small business that posts a few items on Facebook without a plan or a clue and wonders why it doesn’t lead anywhere.

There is a far better strategy, and that is where the print experts at Staples Business Advantage come in.

One of the secrets to successful marketing is to be different from the herd. It’s sort of like that old Warren Buffet piece of investing advice: sell when everyone else is buying and buy when everyone else is selling. What I am suggesting is that, especially right now, there is a great advantage to be had by focusing a good portion of your marketing on the physical instead of only the virtual. Let everyone else obsess over digital marketing.

Look at the many different and affordable ways you can do this:

A beautiful brochure: Staples Print and Marketing Services can help you produce some incredible full color brochures. With a national network of 1,200+ print centers, easy online ordering and quick delivery, Staples Business Advantage can help you create the sort of printed product that gets your business remembered.

Proof: What were you given the last time you went looking for a new car? That’s right, a beautiful, glossy brochure. And I think we can agree that car salesmen know something about selling.

Direct mail mailers: No, you don’t want to spam people. No one does. But what about sending some physical mail that intrigues people? Maybe the envelope is chunky, containing some doodad inside? Or what if it is hand addressed – would you open that one?

Right. I would too.

Again, what I am suggesting is that the counter-intuitive way is the way to create a campaign that will catch people’s eye.

Business cards, forms, letterhead, and envelopes: With a nationwide network of in-store specialists, Staples can help you create high-quality custom branded materials. Having a team of print experts on your side is the sort of smart move that can make a big difference.

Signs, banners, and posters: My dad was the best salesman I ever knew. In his carpet warehouse was a banner that read, “Our word of mouth advertising starts with you!” That banner got him a lot of business for many years. In fact, he named his stores Banner Carpets.

What could your banner say?

Along the same lines, whether its lawn signs or oversized posters for events, having big, bold, professionally-printed signs will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Swag: I mentioned earlier the possibility of stuffing your direct mail mailer with a doodad. You can print your name and logo on almost anything, and with the help of the experts at Staples Business Advantage, there are literally thousands of options.

Get help: Finally, let me suggest that you need not go it alone. One of the great things about Staples Business Advantage is that it offers you a personalized program tailored to your organization’s needs.

One of the best parts of business these days is that you don’t have to go it alone, and with the help of the print experts at Staples Business Advantage, you don’t have to.

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