Love Motorbikes? Here’s How to Secure Yourself

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Most people like to travel, and a few methods are as exhilarating as riding a motorbike. There’s that great feeling of the open road and the chance to enjoy the view. Motorbikes can quickly become prized possessions, and they help people make new connections. Sadly, it’s not the safest way to travel. That’s why there are loads of gear people need to wear in order to protect themselves. Before we look at some of them, let’s ask the question ‘why do we need this?’

Accidents Happen

One survey found that one-fifth of road fatalities related to motorbikes. In 2016 Las Vegas had 12,720 general vehicle collisions resulting in 217 deaths across Clark County. Needless to say, motorbike riders will always come off worse. According to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas, victims usually encounter medical bills, financial worries, and time off work. If someone is injured or killed because of someone’s negligence, people are able to claim for financial compensation.

Buy a Helmet

No one wants their unprotected head to hit the road at speed. Helmets can protect the brain, and also shelter the driver from the wind and turbulence as they travel. Full helmets are the best because they protect the face, head, and particularly the base of the head. Visors provide protection for the eyes, and they are adjustable too. Not only do they provide maximum protection, but they still enable riders to breathe comfortably and to hear the surrounding traffic.

Purchase a Jacket

If someone falls across the road their bodies will receive abrasion injuries. Jackets protect against these, and reduce the chances of fracturing or breaking bones. Leather jackets are great for keeping the wind out and provide good protection but can be uncomfortable during long journeys. Synthetic jackets can be a solution here.

Your Need Motorbike Pants and Boots

Many people think that wearing jeans is enough, but they are wrong. Motorbike pants are reinforced, and provide protection from the weather too. People can choose from textiles, kevlar, leather, or denim. People can also purchase biking suits which are all in one or can be bought in a pair.

People who wear protective boots don’t have to compromise on style. There are different ones to choose from, such as road racing ones or those for Motocross. Ankles are at high risk during motorbike accidents, so their protection is a key aspect of these boots.

Consider Gloves and Body Armor

If someone’s bike falls over, the first thing the rider will do is reach out their arms to protect themselves. That’s why gloves will be working to protect the palms, fingers, and knuckles. Make sure that all the hand controls on the bike can be used with the gloves on. Body armor provides additional protection for riders. Anyone who intends to purchase this should try it together with their normal bike clothes.

Protect Your Eyes and Ears

Imagine traveling at great speed, only to have bugs fly into your eyes! Eye protection provides a guard against these and flying debris. It doesn’t restrict the rider’s vision, and also protects from the wind. People can also have tinted glass for sun protection that can be adjusted when the sun goes down.

The roar of the bike and the traffic can be tiring over several hours. In addition, it can adversely affect a person’s hearing. Earplugs are a good solution, and they don’t inhibit a person’s ability to hear the traffic. It is worth mentioning here that some American states insist on custom made earplugs being used, so always research before taking a long journey.

Other Considerations

There are items that have been designed for off-road bikers too. Neck protection shields the spinal column and resists head compression. There are also adjustable elbow, knee, and shin guards.

Let’s face it – it’s a real bind having to put on protective clothing and equipment before every journey. There is an acronym: ATGATT. It stands for All The Gear All The Time. This wasn’t coined for no reason. Compare the chances of two people crashing their bikes – one with the right clothes and one unprotected. Think of the injuries; think of the families. Whilst it might look cool to be dressed all in black, it is more important to be seen by traffic, so think about using bright colors.

If someone constantly wears the best motorbike clothing and equipment, they must match this with responsible driving. Whilst we can never stop the mistakes of others on the road, at least we are better placed for every situation. Then we can do what we want the most: to enjoy riding our motorbikes.