Gambling Situation Among EU Countries

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The European Union tries to keep many laws similar among all its states. However, when it comes to gambling and sport betting, each country has its own rule. Hence, Italy is a country that has gambling-friendly laws and in contrast, Germany is to the other side.

The Spanish Situation

Between these two countries, there are countries like Spain which have relatively basic gamble rules. Still, in Spain, the fact that a game of chance is defined by the Gambling Act is not enough. There are specific rules that require each game to be defined under the Ministry of Finance and Taxation. In addition, each gamble house have to get a 10 year licence for the general category of game.

Italy, a Gamble-Friendly State

To put it another way, 2006 was a year when most of the EU countries increased their regulations. Actually, Italy introduced a legislation that allowed many companies to provide gambling and sports betting in land based locations and over the internet. Over the years, there were some changes to this legislation, like the one in 2011 which made customers being able to get licensees. Therefore, Italians have numerous gambling sites to choose from.

Though Gamble Rules in Germany

Whereas Italy is a gambling-friendly country, Germany has a more complex situation. In 2008, the German state hitted hard all gambling forms, putting casinos in a bad situation. Two years later, the law changed and gave casinos some gambling services. Indeed, those rules applied in most German states but one, Schleswig Holstein, being a state that has its own regulations which are more liberal. Further, Schleswig Holstein puts the most effort when it comes to support the online gambling industry.

By the end of 2017, the German state tried to re-regulate the gambling legislation. Therefore, operators like Stargames, which has been online since 2002, had to close their money operations. Alternatively, the platform is still available for Novoline games, but you can only play with stars, which is the platform’s currency.

Given these points, there are still discussions within the German state about the topic of gambling industry. Mainly, as far as you can not withdraw your earnings from an online gambling house, online casinos can remain functional.

In Brief

The City of Brussels tries to unite its countries by modernising the gambling legislation. To tell the truth, gamble-laws will remain a hard topic to discuss.