Leveraging Instagram Videos to Improve Brand Recognition

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Infographic: A Step-by-Step Guide for Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is one of the giants of the internet world. There are over 800 million active users who share almost 100 million posts every day. This makes it an effective platform to leverage if you want your brand to reach a wide audience.

However, sharing pictures is not the only way you can use Instagram to improve your brand recognition. These days, trending videos have become a popular social media marketing strategy, and you need to tap into that territory to ensure that your company’s Instagram videos influence a significant number of target customers.

Keep it simple

When making an Instagram video, it is easy to have many thoughts about how to promote your brand. But remember this is a platform for young people. You should keep the videos short and straightforward. Instead of thinking too deep, try something lighter that will impress the audience within a few seconds. You can consider the age of your target customers and then think of a way to approach the script of the video.

There is no guarantee that all the videos will work wonders and the audience will know about your brand overnight. To avoid this risk, you can buy real Instagram likes to make sure that people can like, share, and comment on your video to make it more popular on this social media site.

Utilize explainer videos

Tailor-made videos on Instagram offer a vast scope to promote a brand, especially if you can come up with an explainer video. These are usually 60-second videos that portray something beyond live action. A unique strategy to employ explainer videos for brand recognition is using animations. These can convey complex concepts easily to the audience. Make sure that the video contains all the key features of your brand and why it is different from others.

Instagram stories

One social media strategy that you shouldn’t overlook when leveraging Instagram to promote your brand is Instagram Stories. This feature allows you to share your videos that automatically get deleted after 24 hours. Brands face a tough challenge in appealing to many millennial customers who like to move on to the next post within a few seconds. So, if you think a 60-second video may not cut their attention, you can post them as your brand’s Instagram Story. It is a fun tool to reach your target audience only within a few seconds.

Get a professional editor

Treat Instagram videos as the ad videos that you usually see on television. The hard work that goes behind it is enormous. You need a scriptwriter, an experienced cameraman, and most importantly, a professional editor. Remember, the videos will represent your brand. So, a well-made content needs to reflect what your company is all about. If you are using some of the free video-editing tools, make sure you hide the ambient noise. Try to make the video look professional so that your audience appreciates your work and shows interest in your brand.

The essential takeaway from leveraging Instagram videos for brand recognition is they can have a positive impact on the audience provided you hit the right balance of making the video short, sweet, and fun to watch.

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