More Than Just a Syrup: Maple is Gaining Popularity in the Retail Circle as a Slatwall Panel Color Selection

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When it comes to retail store merchandising, many techniques can be used to display merchandise. In today’s visually stimulated society, learning to transform a retail environment into an appealing platform for shopping is crucial. When it comes to merchandising your store in a unique and shopper friendly manner, here are three things you don’t want to ignore.

The Power of Engagement

Whether they’re trying on a new top, demoing a unique product, or handling a specialty gift, customers love to be engaged. It helps them to become more interested in the products you are offering. On the other hand, it can also help them to determine if it is something they don’t want. However, if you have a substantial assortment of products in your inventory and the right mix of opportunities for your customers to be engaged, they will be able to find the right product.

When merchandising your store, you need to ensure your customers can touch and pick up the products and engage with them because it will become much harder for them to resist making a purchase, explains Leeann Duggan, a writer for Refinery29.

The Simplicity of Displays

If your store is overly packed and cluttered, you may be doing your retail sales more harm than good. Many times, shops disregard the general rules of merchandising, which includes not keeping the products clear and visible, appealing in their display, and approachable for your customers to handle. Taking advantage of maple Slatwall panels to provide you with more vertical space, provides the perfect opportunity for your merchandise to be well organized and highly visible to your customers.

Your goal when merchandising is to have your products clearly visible throughout your store. All your displays and products should flow naturally and lead your customers easily through your store. Having your products displayed appealingly, in a way that catches your customers’ eye, will encourage them to linger longer, increasing the possibility of them purchasing a product, advises Will Gish and expert at bizfluent.

The Support of Signage

It is impossible to tell your customers everything about your store and the products you sell, which is why placing the appropriate signage throughout your shop is an essential part of your merchandising efforts. Using a combination of signage, press clippings, and product overviews, strategically place your signage on the retail floor and let the signs do some of the talking for you. Use consistent frames with everything and make sure they are all presentable.

It is essential to maintain your signage, by updating the information when necessary, replacing torn or old looking signs, and ensuring all your signs are properly placed. The way your signs look is just as big of a reflection on your store as the merchandise you sell.

The efforts you put into merchandising your store will reflect in your sales numbers. Visual merchandising, from product placement to price, is vital to engaging and inspiring your customers to buy your products. Take the time to think about the things you can do to setup your products and always be looking ways you can improve your merchandising efforts.