Is Online Mentoring for Kids a Fruitful Investment for Parents?

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Understanding kids from their level is not an easy task. You have to think from the point of view of a child to understand their reasons. With most parents working throughout the day, it is tough for them to spend enough time to know how their kids are growing up. Even if your kid is one of the most intelligent ones in the class, he/she needs a role model that can mound the child into a better person altogether. That’s why an online mentor is essential for kids.

Mentors and not teachers

Many parents think that an online tutor is the same as a mentor. No, they are not the same. Online tutors are for studies, while mentors help your child develop both educational and social skills. If your kid is not good in studies, maybe it’s because he/she lacks personal attention. Everyone may not have a brilliant brain. But, when he/she has a mentor, they can talk to your children about the problems they face while concentrating.

One of the reasons why an online mentor can prove useful is they improve your child’s IQ. IQ is not just about education. It is also about the overall lifestyle and how a child acquires social and interpersonal skills. With many sites like Worldwide IQ Test offering accurate IQ test at a low price, you can check if your child is improving after interacting with his/her mentor. These mentors understand what the child wants, how he/she should react to their questions, and help set career goals also.

Mentoring a child is not teaching them the subjects they learn at school. Education is merely a part of mentoring. Mentors are like best friends that children can rely on. Whenever your child feels lonely or wants to share a piece of news, they can log in to the online mentoring site and connect with their respective mentor. This will eliminate the chances of your kid feeling lonely when his/her parents are not around.

Types of mentors

The best way to find an online mentor for your child is by understanding their demands. If your kid is good at playing the piano, then you should search for a mentor in that field. It’s useless if you connect with someone good at football. The type of mentor depends on what your kid is good at.

  • A professional – suppose your child is good at computers. You should select an online mentor who can guide your child in this sector. From listening to what happened at school to guiding them about cloud-based AI or other computer programming lessons, the mentor will always have his eyes and ears open to your child’s problems.
  • A college student – college students often volunteer to become mentors for extra cash, but they do an incredible job. Since they go through the same learning phase as your children, they understand better where and why your child falters.

So, an online mentor is like a friend, philosopher, and guide for your kid. Register them to one of these sites and see how intelligent they become in the future.

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