Is it time for a technology upgrade in your home office?

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Is it time for a technology upgrade in your home office?

Technology has made a big difference to how we all live and work in the modern age. The employment sector has benefited greatly from advances in tech especially – this can be seen in the number of people who are self-employed now. Modern technological advances such as cloud computing and the internet make working for yourself from home a real possibility. However, to be a successful self-employed worker, everything has to be in place.

One key thing to think about is the home office you have and the technology that is in there. It is key to have the best tech around that will not only help you to produce better work but also work smarter and more efficiently. Of course, you will have all the basic essentials in place already, but it may be time for an upgrade in some areas to make you more competitive.

What pieces of tech should you be looking at upgrading?

SuperBoost Wi-Fi

Cool tech gadgets don’t come much better than this unit, which premier sites including DFY Daily rate highly. Having a strong Wi-Fi connection is key to being able to work efficiently and always stay connected to the internet. No one wants their connection going down when in the middle of a key video call or an important article they are writing! This gadget boosts the signal from your home office Wi-Fi router and is invaluable for any home workers with slow or inconsistent connection.

Home office security camera

A great upgrade to any home office is an easy-to-use and effective home security camera, such as the SecureWatch 365. Your workspace at home is likely filled with expensive kit, from computers to printers and tablets. Keeping this safe is key so that you can avoid the misery of break-ins and any periods spent not working while you replace all the equipment stolen. A fully wireless model is best for flexible positioning and a neat finish, while you also want one that has a crystal-clear camera with smartphone connectivity. Keeping an eye on your precious work equipment when away from the home office has never been simpler.

Buzz B-Gone

If you have a problem with mosquitos buzzing around in the summer months and distracting you from work at home, then this is the answer. This is a very wise tech upgrade for your home office as it will also keep you from falling ill and having to take time off. Quiet and simple to use, it attracts the mosquitos via UV LED tech before trapping them in a dehydrating tray underneath the unit. With this in place, you will have no problem in opening the windows on hot summer days to work in peace. It is certainly better than spending all your time swatting away those pesky bugs!

Travel Wi-Fi adaptor

Another very cool tech upgrade for any home office is a travel Wi-Fi adapter, such as the Velox Adaptor. This will come in very handy if you cannot work from home and need to head to an external space, such as a coffee shop or hotel room. This clever adapter fits any internet cable to provide secure and reliable Wi-Fi access. This means that you can move to anywhere else and continue to work as normal. Naturally, this is much better than having to take days off and not be earning any money!

Germ Fix sanitizer wand

One of the problems with working from home is that the computer you use may also be the one that other family members use at the weekends or nights. Even if this is not the case, you may work from surfaces that are used by everyone, such as the kitchen table. To make sure that what you work from and where you work is clean, this handy sanitizer test unit is a good move. The UV tech in this stick kills germs when the light passes over them. This helps to keep your workspace hygienic and stops you from getting sick.

Upgrading your home office makes sense

As the handy tech gadgets above show, upgrading your home office makes perfect sense. Not only will it help to make you work more efficiently with less annoying snags, but it can also keep you healthier. By making some upgrades to your current work-from-home set-up, you will be doing all you can to succeed as a self-employed worker. With so many fabulous ways to go about it, you will never be short of choice. Technology is advancing all the time, so there will always be new and exciting ways for self-employed workers to work smarter and harder.