Where to Invest $100,000 In Self-Employment

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If you are currently self-employed, you are probably living the high life. Of course, there are times when the economy can get rough and this might leave you vulnerable, but if you plan accordingly and adapt to the changes, you can truly make the most of any situation. It is without a doubt true that owning and running your own business can be very exciting and rewarding. With that being said, if you are ahead of the game and making a profit where are the best places to invest that money, so that you can ensure your company continues to grow and gain popularity?

Invest In Marketing And Advertising

If you are wondering how to invest $100k there is simply no better way than throwing those profits back into marketing and advertising. In this day and age if you truly want to be successful you really need to invest in offline and online adventures. This will not only help you build your brand, but it will help you when it comes to making recurring sales. Over the years it has become pretty evident that social media has helped level the marketing field when it comes to big business versus small business. In fact, social media really levels the playing field for all types of businesses out there.


If you have a little bit of money sitting around and want to turn that money into more money, you should consider investing in Forex. It can be a little risky, but there is a lot of money to be made in the Forex market. In fact, a lot of people believe that Forex is the best place to invest $100000. Investing in the foreign exchange market is wise, but be cautious and plan your moves wisely to minimize your risks.

Consider Hiring A Career Coach

When the subject of investing $100000 comes up it can be truly confusing and difficult for anyone to decide where to invest this money. This is why it truly never hurts to turn to a professional. You might be surprised to learn that there are professionals all around the world that can help you create a strategic plan and consider where you would be truly best off to invest your profits. Not only this, but also these professionals can help you when it comes to a variety of other matters like creating a new business plan, talking to investors, and handling daily conflicts that arise in the workplace.

Retirement Plan

Self-employed have the same responsibilities as other workers. In fact, they may have more, since they do not have the option of investing in 401(k). The only way to secure your future is with a retirement plan. However, with so many options available, you may have questions about which plans are the best.

Self-employed face more issues, when it comes to saving for retirement. As more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs, new retirement plan options are becoming available. Being your own boss is wonderful, but do not forget about your retirement. Where to invest $100000 before you retire? Start with a retirement plan.

SEP-IRA is a great employee pension, as it allows self-employed to set aside “pretax savings.” In fact, you can contribute up to 25 percent of your net income. This is an extremely flexible retirement plan and you do not even need to fund the account until you file your tax return.

Expand Your Business

You can never go wrong with expanding your business. In fact, an expansion can actually be a great investment. And, if you plan on turning your business over to your children one day, an expansion is a great way to go.