Injured in a Car Accident? These Tips Will Protect Your Claim!

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Misfortune is something that touches everyone’s life, unfortunately. So if by any chance you find yourself driving down to work, and by some ill-fated luck you get into a car accident, you should know that it was none other than our dear friend’s misfortune that had willed it.

However, what you might not know is how to protect your claim in the unfortunate event of getting injured. So, here are a few tips to help.

Check for Injuries

You should probably lead by checking for any injuries you might have sustained from the accident. So examine yourself carefully and make sure you seek medical attention for not all injuries show right away. Others are masked underneath your skin, like trauma. Treat your injuries right away is preferably the way to go, seeing that your wellbeing is important. By doing so you’ll also be supporting and protecting your claim.

Document everything

This is crucial to do, since you’ll have to get your story straight, especially that you’ll be saying it a few times. This includes everything from the driver’s name, address, to the car model and just try not to miss anything. Gathers few witnesses and take some pictures as well. You should know the cause of the crash, the parties involved, the damage done to your car and health, everything we need to know.

Contact a Lawyer

It’s absolutely important that you do that before informing your insurance company. The respected attorney Brian Guralnick, warns that talking to the insurance company without an attorney present can work against you. It can go as far as even not visiting a non-emergency doctor without your attorney. You need representation.

Inform insurance company

The insurer has the task of distributing money where it is due. Your task is to protect your claim by drawing up a file, including every single step of the way. Afterwards, the insurance company to look to do their own research so that they may compensate clients accordingly.

Claims you can make

Firstly, personal injury awards are based mainly on your type of claim. What they do is project a life path, for you, prior to the accident. You then get compensated, which may include your material damages, any funeral costs and your medical expenses. It is not limited to these three, although it is usually limited to the party that’s at fault. Any negligence from you towards your health and your wellbeing could result the court in having your damage awards reduced. It’s important that you act fast in order to make sure that you get what’s rightfully yours.

Now, if it happens that, after suffering from the unfortunate event of a car accident, you’re looking to secure your compensation, protect the claim you make, you should be very careful with everything that can affect your case. Get an attorney right away, after dealing with an ambulance and any emergency medical attention, and move fast. You wouldn’t want the court to reduce your damage awards. And always remember that evidence is everything, so try your best to get any witnesses contact numbers as well as take as many pictures as you can with the time stamp.

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