Infographic: The Startup Toolkit

Startup Toolkit

Have you ever wished there was a simple list of the best and most used tools for running your startup? Well, the folks over at BestVendor wanted answers, so they took a survey and the results are in. They surveyed over 550 people at startups with up to 100 employees. The objective: To figure out the Startup Toolkit — the products and providers leading the way among the nimblest and most tech-savvy new businesses. The results:

  • 27% of startups use PayPal for payment processing.
  • 71% of startup execs use QuickBooks.
  • 70% of startup execs use Google Analytics, 57% use Google Apps.
  • 59% of startup execs use Salesforce for CRM.
  • 39% of startup execs use Dropbox for storage.
  • 43% of startup execs use AmEx for their company credit card.
  • Bank of America is leading bank used by startups, with 19% using it.

For a better breakdown of their survey results, check out the following infographic:

Infographic Startup Toolkit
Infographic courtesy of BestVendor.