Infographic: Simple Hacks to Help You Get (and Stay!) Motivated

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Infographic: Simple Hacks to Help You Get (and Stay!) Motivated

Need some motivation to get you through your New Year’s resolutions this year? Check out this infographic, created by Shari’s Berries, that will walk you through simple hacks to getting (and staying) motivated to reach all your goals in 2019.

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2019? Ready to finally open up shop somewhere other than your living room or commit to a more stable work-life balance? Setting goals, especially for entrepreneurs and self-employed workhorses, can be challenging. While it’s exciting to imagine the possibilities of what could be, the reality is that creating goals you can actually stick to is harder than you think.

There’s a science to motivation –– it can be learned just like any other skill! To get you started on the journey towards reaching your goals, take a look at these motivation hacks!

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