Infographic: Is Creativity In the Workplace Declining?

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As performance expectations increase in the workplace, the pressure to be more creative than ever is on. However, when iStock surveyed more than 400 creative industry professionals, one in two creatives believed levels of creativity in their industry have stagnated or declined in the last decade. Even worse, nearly one-quarter of creatives spend less than two hours of their day doing “creative” work.

Overall the research revealed that lack of inspiration, funding and time are the three main barriers to creativity in a creative’s job:

  • 60 percent of creatives said that they have had “great ideas” in the last year, but not enough time or support at work to achieve what they wanted.
  • 70 percent of respondents said they want more “creative time.”
  • 63 percent said they do not have the time they need for “creative reflection and inspiration.”

Why does this matter for your business? “Our research raises questions around the state of creativity today in industries vital to the global economy,” said Ellen Desmarais, general manager at iStock. “When you consider that global revenues last year in the advertising industry alone were nearly half a trillion dollars*, declining creativity is cause for alarm and should prompt an industry-wide discussion. The bottom line – we need to free the creative.”

Other key findings…

Creativity rarely happens in the workplace.
Only one in three rate the workplace as one of their top three locations for creativity. During the commute (34 percent), in the shower or bath (25 percent) or during exercise (22 percent) are other favored places and times for inspiration.

Technology offers an opportunity to unlock creativity.
Nearly three quarters (71 percent) of creatives believe that new tools and technologies have enabled them to be more creative in the workplace.

Creatives seek artistic opportunities outside of work.
Half of those surveyed are photographers in their spare time, while nearly a third (30 percent) looks to writing, drawing or painting as a creative outlet.

For more on this study, check out the infographic below:

infographic istock creativity

Infographic courtesy of iStockPhoto.

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