Infographic: How to Plan the Perfect Business Trip

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Infographic: How to Plan the Perfect Business Trip

Business travel can be rewarding, exciting and sometimes very stressful. Booking transportation arrangements, packing and getting to your destination are just a few of the concerns you face while traveling. If you are self-employed it can be especially challenging to make the most of your budget. See the tips and tricks below for efficient travel and how to get the most out of your business trip.

Obstacles that Business Travel Creates

Some of the challenges that business travelers face include:

  • Handling stress
  • Maintaining a budget
  • Managing a healthy diet, sleep and exercise
  • Sustaining work-life balance, including personal and family time

Before You Go

    • Make photocopies of your IDs like your passport, driver’s license and other important documents in case your theft or loss.
    • Use a business travel credit card, you can earn miles, points and rewards from your travels.


  • Ask about discounts and negotiate when possible, you can save a lot by simply asking about discounts and deals. When it’s appropriate try negotiating too.


  • Make use of travel apps to plan your trip itinerary, find deals and keep organized. There are also apps that help you stay on budget which can be especially helpful while traveling.
  • Check-in ahead of time and use TSA PreCheck or Global Entry to speed up the process of getting through security.
  • Book early flights, they’re usually more cost-effective and you have the best chance of getting to your destination if there are travel delays.
  • Pack with preparedness in mind by bringing healthy snacks, charging your electronics and packing clothes backup clothes should something happen to your checked bag.
  • Only use a carry-on if possible, this way you can save money and avoid a lost checked bag.

Once You’ve Arrived

  • Ask for a room upgrade, if the hotel isn’t booked up you could score a better room with no added cost.
  • Look into ‘unconventional’ lodging like an Airbnb or another bed and breakfast service.
  • Ensure that sleep is a priority to stay alert during business meetings and energetic during your free time.
  • Make time for personal matters like relaxation, exercise and tourism.
  • Eat healthily and drink a lot to combat jetlag, stress and stay healthy.

See the visual below for more business travel tips from Fundera, including packing and more dos and don’ts for your trip.

Infographic: How to Plan the Perfect Business Trip

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