Infographic: How to Be Successful in The Gig Economy

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Are you considering leaving the comfortable confines of the traditional workforce to venture out as an independent contractor or freelancer? If so, you’ll be joining the ranks of 57 million American workers collectively working in what’s now known as the gig economy.

Technology has been a significant enabler of the gig economy’s rapid growth. Thanks to apps like Uber, Instacart, and Etsy, you can work and get paid from virtually anywhere. The appeal of being your own boss is alluring, but remember to stay on top of things to set yourself up for optimal success. Here are 8 tips for surviving life in the gig economy:

  • Know your purpose to stay inspired and resilient when things get rocky.
  • Prepare for uncertainty since pay can be inconsistent while you’re starting out.
  • Master time management skills to boost productivity when juggling multiple clients.
  • Create a productive space conducive to however you work best.
  • Establish a routine in the morning to collect your thoughts and get ready for the day.
  • Communicate your worth to ensure you’re not grossly underselling yourself.
  • Organize your finances so that you’re prepared when it’s time to file taxes.
  • Plan for healthcare since you won’t have a benefits package from an employer.

Still curious about what working in the gig economy looks like? This infographic from Self Lender breaks it further.

How to Succeed in the Gig Economy

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