Infographic: CVs & Résumés: Get Them Right To Get The Job

In order for any prospective job applicant to secure full-time employment, the first requirement is a word-perfect CV and résumé. Why is this so important? Simple – this is the first thing a recruiter will look at and he/she will judge you based solely on these documents. Also, with so many other applicants to compete against, you’ll need to make an instant first impression. Studies show that 20% of recruiters will make up their mind about a candidate within just one minute of beginning to read their CV and résumé.

The infographic below from Australian payroll and contractor management company Ayers shows just why it is crucial to avoid needless and easily preventable mistakes in your CV and résumé. Don’t fall for hollow clichés or juvenile typographical errors and certainly don’t dress up the truth in order to embellish your application, as an employer will spot this before long. Take the tips covered in this infographic and apply to them to your CV and résumé so that your application won’t be an easy one for an employer to disregard.

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