Infographic: The Best Tactics for Dealing With Nightmare Customers

The wonderful world of customer service brings with it the good, the bad and the nightmare (well at least not so pleasant) customers. Next time you feel more like you are in a Friday the 13th movie than an office, refer to our helpful tips to beat the baddies (all in good fun of course).

All great nightmares begin with the star perpetrator and who better to start this story with than the ‘Know-It-All Hero’. Sure to drive you crazy, this guy (of girl of course) is better at your job than you are. Kill him with kindness and a show of patience.

The ‘Ninja Snooper’ may not be exactly the stuff nightmares are made of but he can sure be a pest. Snooping through your business pretending to be a customer (when all along he’s really a competitor trying to learn more about how you operate). Lose him by staying vague and keeping patient – eventually he’ll get the hint.

Slightly more frustrating and difficult to win over, ‘The Penny Pincher’ will negotiate to the death. Haggle back and make sure you lock in the best deal for your business. It goes both ways.

And finally, a nightmare wouldn’t be complete without the most aggressive of them all, ‘The Loud and Angry’. Stay calm and professional – nobody can stay angry forever (we hope).

Below we’ve shared The Website Group’s infographic titled “Not Everyone Makes a Great Customer” and hope that you find it as much fun as we have. As always please remember to leave us a comment.

Michael Spicer is a Director at The Website Group, a UK based Digital Agency specialising in pay monthly business web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.