Infographic: Battle of the Mobile Devices

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device wars

Whether through smartphones, tablets, or desktops, consumers are constantly looking for ways to satiate their content-driven hunger for the latest news, entertainment, and social media trends. Even in a multi-screen world, content finds its way to the consumer so easily that we do not realize the magnitude of the amount we take in or its impact.

Most of us are victims of getting drawn into the content portal while reading articles or watching clips in the evenings and thinking, “just one more then I’ll go to bed, I swear.” If hours have passed and you’ve far surpassed your content curfew, we’ve done our jobs.

Here at Outbrain, we hope to make your content discovery journey a personalized one, allowing you to get lost in the expansive online world and explore different topics and forms of media, from more traditional publishers like online newspapers, to newer niche publishers growing in influence.

As part of our goal of facilitating interesting online discoveries, we thought it would be fun to analyze the variations of content consumption patterns across our network, depending on what, when, and which devices people use when they click on an Outbrain link.

Get ready for the Battle of Devices!

infographic battle of the devices

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