Inexpensive Ways You Can Reward Your Employees

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We all have a unique set of stressors in our home life and at work. While you shouldn’t overstep your bounds into your employees’ personal lives, there are simple ways you can make their work life smoother, happier and in turn more productive.

Happy employees reflect well on their employers. Resumes flood into places like Google and Facebook not just because they are giant names, but also because they are famous for their work culture. While money is the top motivating factor for most employees, appreciation is what keeps the best employees around. We’ve rounded up a few inexpensive ways to reward them.

Have a Gratitude Session

So often, employees are called into their boss’ office to help find a solution to a problem or get direction on their next task. Getting called into a meeting can often be anxiety-inducing. The next time a team member does a good job or goes above and beyond the scope of their work, consider scheduling a gratitude meeting. Let them know how thankful you are to have them on your team, and discuss nothing else. Appreciation goes a long way in increasing productivity and creativity.

Close the Office Early

A 70-degree day in February or a Friday before a long weekend are good times to let employees leave early. There’s nothing like a good surprise.

Let employees know the plan mid-morning, so anyone who needs to finish a time-sensitive project can plan accordingly to take advantage of the early closure.

Bring a Morning Treat

Mornings can be rough. Not everyone is an early riser. Many of us struggle to make it out of the door on time. Bringing in a morning treat like bagels and cream cheese or fruit is a welcome reward. The food will energize your employees, and it’s cheaper than picking up the tab for lunch or dinner.

Make a Team

When people come together as a team, they are a stronger force than an individual. Remind your employees they are part of your company’s team by gifting them with jerseys or uniforms. You can denote their name or nicknames on each item to give them a personalized touch.

Dedicate a day each month where everyone wears the matching shirts, and the office operates in a more laid-back atmosphere.

Schedule Coffee Shop Mondays

A case of the Mondays is an epidemic in corporate America. Consider having your weekly kick-off meetings at a coffee shop. Everyone is happier with a caffeine kick or a soothing cup of tea in hand. The coffee shop environment is both casual and collaborative, which will help ease your employees into the work week.

Celebrate Birthdays

While the wonder of birthdays starts to fade as we age, taking time to acknowledge this yearly milestone for each employee makes people feel special.

Find out what each employee’s favorite treat is, and bring it for their birthday. It makes each person’s celebration unique and saves you from multiple days of cake for birthdays packed close together.

Take a 30-minute break to bring out the treats and let employees mingle.

Periodic Work-From-Home Days

For some businesses, it can be hard to have employees out of the office regularly. If you can’t implement a full work-from-home policy, consider letting each employee pick one day a month where they can work from home.

We spend most of our waking hours at work, and just like with any other relationship, employees want to receive recognition for the hard work they put in. Cultivating a culture of gratitude will result in increased productivity, a more pleasant work environment and employees who are more committed to your company’s goals.

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