Impact of Internet Sales on Local Commerce

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Impact of Internet Sales on Local Commerce

It is becoming increasingly clear to us that the Internet has been a true revolution in all sectors. This is also affecting SMEs and local commerce, as the different technological advances and the large ones in electronic commerce allow their products to reach any part of the country through Digital Marketing actions with a fast and satisfactory service for the client.

However, not everything is bad news for local companies such as those located in the Valencian Community. Internet sales can also be a great incentive for small businesses. Professionals who have participated in the training program have been able to verify that they can expand their coverage radius and sell through the online channel, in different parts of the country or the world through electronic commerce.

In this post we will analyze the impact of online sales on local companies and why it is important for professionals to learn to use digital marketing tools and to be aware of these changes.

1. Users will Always Search you on the Internet

There will be companies that think that having a website with online forms or online store is not important for sales. However, the first thing users who are looking for a restaurant, cafe or service company in their area will do is search for it on Google. And if you are not visible in the search engine, it is as if you do not exist. All these possible now with form builder, you an easily create an online form to find and search anyone on internet.

2. If you do not Communicate, Others will

The Internet is a critical communication tool in small businesses. If you don’t use it to talk about your company and your products and services, others will. Your online reputation and your company brand will always be there through the opinions of users on multiple websites or on social networks.

3. The Way of Connecting with Customers has Changed

Today advertising messages must be contextualized and personalized to the maximum. Massive and indiscriminate advertising is no longer useful, since we have become much more selective when it comes to consuming information.

We must focus on adding value to the client and generating interest in users by providing solutions to their problems and not just talking about our brand.

4. The Local Company Can Compete

It is generally exposed as an excuse to justify the fall in sales in recent years to the rise of e-commerce greats like Amazon. The truth, however, is that an online store can achieve positive results if it takes advantage of the digital channel and focuses on providing differential value in the sale of niche products.

Through guerrilla marketing, techniques can be implemented that help generate qualified traffic, convert visits into sales, and build loyalty with our audience through a consolidated brand.

5. It is not Enough to be on the Internet

The Spanish market is maturing and just being on the Internet is no longer enough. It is not enough to have a forgotten and neglected website, we must work in depth on a digital marketing strategy that includes the use of SEO and SEM techniques, social networks and content marketing to attract our audience and convert customers.

It is not about being in all possible social networks, but in those that are useful for the company, within its market and its specific characteristics.

From a marketing point of view, this opens up enormous possibilities for professionals in the management and commercial direction of companies. Digital marketing has thus become the most important strategic area of ​​many businesses in order to influence sales, enhance their brand and attract customers through the online environment.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.