How Your Attorney Will Help You Deal With an IRS Tax Audit

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How Your Attorney Will Help You Deal With an IRS Tax Audit

Every year some unlucky 0.5 percent of taxpayers get to be audited by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) agency. The thorough auditing process entails digging through every single tax-related transaction that you have made during the past year. So, it is understandable that if you happen to be one of those 0.5 percent, you are probably getting anxious and looking for ways to ensure and prove your compliance. While it is indeed a serious matter, a good attorney can get you seamlessly through this stressful time. If you want to know more, read on below to learn about ways your attorney will help you deal with an IRS Tax Audit.

Take Over the Paperwork

Tax auditing includes tons of documentation and an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Your specialized tax audit attorney will walk you through this baffling process and ensure the accuracy of the information you are disclosing. Even in case of an error, your tax audit defense attorney will present you with options to guarantee that the IRS authority-which is notoriously known for rarely losing a case-does not take full control of the audit process. Given that a typical audit can take up to a full year to conclude, you will need any help you can get with the confusing paperwork that you will be swamped with.

Protect You Against Criminal Charges

Most tax-related penalties result from the fact that the general public does not fully understand the taxation law. While it is not an excuse, still, it does not mean that they get to receive the same penalties as intentionally fraudulent tax evaders. Having an experienced attorney who has enough knowledge about IRS cases and how to handle them will protect you from getting charged or at least considerably lessen the potential penalties that you have to pay.

Mediate Between You and the IRS

Having to come face to face with IRS agents is one of the hardest phases of the tax audit. Somehow, you will find yourself stressed out and unsure of what to say fearing to incriminate yourself. But for your audit attorney, this is what she/he does for a living, backed by years of experience, they know what exactly to say and when and how to say it. They understand the jargon and can help anticipate the next move by the IRS agent so they will always have you prepared ahead of time. You need this kind of support to make the audit process as quick and painless as possible.

Uncover IRS Auditor Misconduct

If you are a business owner, the tax audit process will be tenfold harder than a personal one. IRS auditors who work with companies are usually more aggressive and sometimes tend to ask tough questions that are not entirely legal. Your tax audit attorney will advise you on your rights and explain what is the auditor entitled to ask about. In case of any breaching, your attorney can take legal action against your assigned auditor and can even request for a court order to have her/him replaced.

You have no reason to be intimidated by the auditing process, as long as you have a proficient tax audit attorney representing you in front of the IRS, there is nothing to worry about. Just because you know that you haven’t done anything wrong and think that you do not need an attorney while being audited, hopefully, the above reasons will change your mind and help you make the right decision.