How to Write Content for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

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How to Write Content for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

The five stages of a sales funnel are well-known to marketers because each step requires different handling for successful sales. But, if you have a close eye on your target customer, how can you approach them with the same product in five different ways?

Grabbing Leads

Lead generation is the current buzzword in the content marketing circle right now. A Content marketing company can help you generate leads as they can focus on the bigger picture. While your marketing strategy should always focus on the target customer, a content marketing company may be able to reel in the less likely customers as well.

Lead generation is about much more than SEO friendly content. To grab leads, you need to inspire and motivate. To craft content for lead generation you should focus on sensationalized headers and share-worthy analogies or “personal” stories.

Show the effect of your content in action from a strong point of view to encourage people to share the material and take action.

Reeling in Prospects

So, you have a few prospects now, and you’re seeing that visitors are stick around for a while longer on your site. Maybe, even checking out a few different pages.

Writing content for prospects is all about creating a narrative and a bigger picture. Through blog posts, helpful articles, and quality web pages you can seamlessly link from one post or page to another.

Links that send a prospective customer to another page on your website provides them with the pleasant shock that you have an answer to that question too! Or, that you have a product that resolves the issue you just mentioned.

To write content for prospective customers, use internal links and offer solutions to the problems or issues you’re discussing.

Getting Commitment

Okay, you’ve reeled them in, and now, you need commitment. The greatest trick to writing content that will lead to engagement is making it easy. Although web design may play a more significant role here, you can use links and offer reassurance that the process is fast, simple, and worth their time.

The commitment stage of the funnel deals with customers who are ready to move forward but need a little reassurance. Writing for the commitment stage of a sales funnel can go in two directions.

First, you can build consumer confidence with reviews, testimonials, or cold-hard facts. These tactics close many transactions. But not everyone can commit just based off a product description or a summary. The second tactic is to offer an out. Sometimes writing content is about offering little contradictions to tide over the few who disagree with the masses.

When offering an out, you should acknowledge another option that they would benefit from and revert to your prospects content writing strategy: link to another helpful page.

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