How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Make Your Website Accessible

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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Make Your Website Accessible

If you are doing business in the USA or if your target market is the USA, you’ll know the importance of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Your website must be compliant and fully accessible to avoid getting lawsuits from visitors. Web accessibility is essential no matter where your target market is located.

Web accessibility refers to making your website easy-to-use and fully available to people with disabilities. It isn’t (and shouldn’t) be limited to any specific geographic region. Disabled people are everywhere, and they need to use the internet like others.

Why Web Accessibility Matters

How’d you feel if a visually impaired person cannot order a pair of shoes from your ecommerce store because your store isn’t accessible, and it doesn’t work with screen readers? You didn’t just lose a customer for life, but your store won’t be able to offer any service to any (or most of the) disabled persons.


Just because your store isn’t accessible.

The worst part: You can get sued by anyone who can’t use your website. Domino’s, for example, was sued by a blind man due to a website accessibility issue. Several other leading businesses receive lawsuits each year from people who face accessibility issues.

Web accessibility ensures that individuals with major or minor disabilities can use your website with or without any assistive device. It improves UX, business reputation, credibility, conversion and sales, and revenue.

The reason why businesses don’t focus on web accessibility despite its benefits is that it turns out to be a hectic task. The web accessibility guidelines seem too tough to read – forget about implementing all these changes throughout your website.

The AI Web Accessibility Solution

The problem with implementing web accessibility guidelines is that you have to do it manually. Once you are done, your website needs to be updated regularly to stay fully accessible with new changes. It isn’t a one-time process because your website doesn’t stay constant. You add new content, update it almost on a daily basis, and whenever you update it, you need to ensure your updates comply with these guidelines.

accessiBe has solved the web accessibility issue by providing businesses with a fully automated yet permanent solution to web accessibility. It uses artificial intelligence to scan, analyze, and make your website accessible with minimal effort. It adds an accessibility interface on your website that helps disabled individuals use your website by selecting a relevant profile:

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accessiBe will transform your website instantly and fully accessible for the selected profile. It doesn’t just make your website accessible, but it makes it ADA, Section 508, WCAG, and EAA/EN compliant. You can check accessiBe’s accessibility interface in action on leading websites that are using it such as Seiko, BMW, Avon, Hilton, Intex, and more. Visit any of these websites and click on the accessibility icon on the website.

Getting started with accessiBe is a quick process. After you sign up, you’ll receive a small JavaScript code. Add the code on your website to enable the accessibility interface right away. The AI technology will scan your website meantime and will make your website fully accessible in under 48 hours. If there are any issues, you’ll be notified of them that you can fix instantly.

The hard work is done by accessiBe.

Once it makes your website accessible, it then scans your website once every 24 hours for any changes. It ensures your website remains accessible and compliant after updates. It is a completely automated web accessibility solution powered by AI.

Follow accessiBe on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates, and see how they’re making the internet accessible with their AI solution.

Final Words

If you want to do business in 2020 and beyond, you have no choice but to proceed with an accessible website.

Gone are the days when web accessibility used to be a tedious, expensive, and manual task. You can make any website accessible without even reading the web accessibility guidelines with accessiBe. You can try it free for 7 days and see for yourself how simple and effective accessiBe is.

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