How to travel with contact lenses

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When packing for a trip, the items you take with you fit into one of these two categories: things you need and things you want. Those who wear contact lenses know that they belong to the first category; on the other hand, you certainly don’t want to let all the different items you need stress you out while on holiday. The key to that? Organisation.

No matter what kind of lens you wear – daily, fortnightly, monthly – you have to follow some important hygiene rules. Firstly, opt for trusted, quality brands: it’s all about vision after all. It is also important not to sleep with contacts on (on the plane, and at the hotel), and to respect the recommended replacement period. If you do not like irritation and dry eyes, it’s good to throw lenses away after reaching the recommended number of hours, found on the side of the pack.

Those that wear fortnightly or monthly lenses should undoubtedly carry a travel kit of cleaning solutions. Keeping your oasys 1 day 30 contact lenses clean and your eyes hydrated is essential to having good eye health. There are practical travel sets you can buy, that adhere to airport regulations on liquids in hand luggage – for longer trips, you can pack a large bottle of solution into your checked baggage. You can check this website for more information on contact lenses.

Cabin pressure

Aircraft cabins are famous for drying out your eyes, due to the high levels of pressure and air conditioning. Traveling for hours with itchy eyes can be uncomfortable, but it’s easily soothed with the right eyedrops. Those who wear monthly or fortnightly lenses can also refresh their lenses by keeping them in the solution until they leave. Otherwise, to prevent contact lenses blocking too much oxygen, good old spectacles can be used, at least for the duration of the flight. Adding a pair of eyeglasses in your suitcase is always a good idea, as you know you’ve always got a backup.

Dailies or Monthlies?

When it comes to traveling, all lens-wearers (even those who normally wear fortnightly or monthly contacts) should consider switching to disposable lenses. Offering the advantage of being single-use, they are worn in the morning and thrown away in the evening, minimizing storing needs and dilemmas. This makes them a very practical and hygienic option for those visiting a new city, or spend a few days at sea.

It is worth speaking to an optician to find out what type of lenses is best for your eyes, as every single case is different. Usually, daily lenses cost slightly more than the fortnightly and monthly ones, but fortunately today you can find online cheap and reliable products.

When traveling in the summer, a pair of sunglasses is an absolute must-have. However, it is better to make sure that they offer a high level of UV protection. Ultraviolet rays can easily make their way to the eyes, causing possible damage that can be avoided. Not only that: you can reinforce your shield against the harmful rays of the sun by using contact lenses with UV coating. These do not guarantee total protection, but if they are accompanied by sunglasses – and maybe a hat – they can make a huge difference.

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