How to Steer Clear of Distractions When You Work From Home

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Working from home has become an increasingly popular scenario for many people of today, especially with the introduction of the internet and the various opportunities that have opened up around the world because of it.

Working from home is also a respite from a busy office or a horrible commute, which can be a welcome addition to many working peoples’ lives. But one common issue with working from home are the distractions it can be bring, particularly at first when you’re trying to get into the swing of it and establish some sort of a routine.

There’s no right or wrong way of working from home – we all have our own individual needs and requirements that help us focus – but, on the whole, the distractions that do tend to crop up when speaking to people who are either self employed or have authorisation from their employers to work from their home, are fairly common and there’s a pattern forming.

So, with working from home becoming a more and more common occurrence in the modern world, we thought we’d give you some helpful tips to fight off those distractions by highlighting five things that can get in the way when working from home, and how to combat them.


Everyone enjoys watching a bit of television, especially during some downtime, but a common issue with most home workers is the lure of turning it on whilst working, only to feel themselves getting sucked into Homes Under The Hammer or This Morning and losing track of their work and any rhythm they might have got into. Daytime television can provide comfort when working from a quiet house during the day but it can also lead to your eyes becoming distracted. The simple and obvious answer here is to switch off the television altogether and consider substituting it with the radio, which provides the background noise many of us like, but not distracting pictures of renovated properties in Newcastle with Dion Dublin.

Mobile phone

At times it feels like the whole world is suffering some form of mobile phone addiction, with our clever little smart phones proving to be quite a distraction. It’s no surprise that many schools have banned mobile phones from the classroom because they can be incredibly addictive and can distract even the hardest of workers. Most self-employed people will undoubtedly feel the need to play a game or two of something, be it Google’s Pacman Doodle or Microsoft Solitaire. A spin on French and American tables at a gaming site might also occupy others, as does the allure of games like PUBG Mobile and FIFA 19, or even the option of updating your Facebook status or uploading an Instagram snap. We get it, they’re good games and social media platforms, but you’ve got work to do. Consider turning your phone off altogether or, alternatively, putting it on silent and out of sight.


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Working from home is convenient for many young parents, but whether they get enough work done whilst also looking after a small child is debatable. Some will tell you they get more done, others will say it’s a constant distraction. Personal circumstances depending, a babysitter could be the answer or, alternatively, a day care centre.

The kitchen

When you’ve hit a wall, be it a writers’ block or a simple conundrum, the kitchen and – more specifically – a cheeky little snack can become incredibly appealing. Designated break times or working as far away from the fridge as possible might help here, especially if the unhealthy snacks are calling your name. Brain food only, people.

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