How to Start Attending Client Meetings Again

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Slowly but surely life is starting to return to normal with many businesses now welcoming staff back to the office. Face-to-face client meetings are starting to replace digital meetings which can bring many perks, but of course you will need to make sure that these are done safely and that all parties feel comfortable and safe at all times.

Plan Your Journey

You will also want to plan your journey ahead of time. If you opt to travel by train via Clapham Junction, you should try to travel during quiet periods and book your ticket online in advance. You should also wear your mask at all times, try to maintain distance from others and keep hand sanitizer on you which you should use after coming into contact with anything (train buttons, rails, screens etc.).

Find the Right Place to Meet

First, you will want to find a suitable mutual place to meet. Ideally, this will be somewhere that is in an open space and you may even be able to sit outside which would be safest. You may not want to ask your client to travel too far or use public transport so you may be better off going closer to them for the time being.

Ensuring Space

If you are meeting in an office environment, then you need to ensure that it is somewhere that there is plenty of space between you and the client. You might also find it helpful to speak to the client in advance and to gauge what their comfort level is – you do not want to make someone feel uncomfortable or unsafe so catering to their needs is important and helpful for building trust.

Avoid Handshaking

It is easy to fall back into old habits when you are dressed for work and back in the office but you must remember that it is still advised that you do not shake hands right now. Touching elbows is one option if you feel the need and/or want to break the ice but people are now getting used to meeting people without any kind of contact.

Wipe Down the Surfaces and Wash Hands

You should prepare for the client meeting by wiping down all the surfaces and making sure your hands are sanitized – you should also do this after the meeting has finished.

With businesses tentatively getting back to normal, many client meetings are now resuming in-person and this remains a highly effective way to do business and build relationships. Obviously, you must be safe when meeting clients and always make sure that both you and the client feel confident, happy and safe at all times and the above tips will help you to manage this.