How to Setup a Wireless LAN in 60 Seconds

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60 seconds wireless lan

Sometimes tech savvy and entrepreneur don’t always go hand in hand. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your network to wireless, here’s a sixty second guide to get you started!

0:60 Establish a Broadband Connection
Wireless networks are always an extension of your broadband wired connection. Before you put your wireless network in place, be sure you have a T1, DSL, cable, or other broadband connection in place in your office.

0:45 Decide Who, What, When, and Where
Determine who will be using the network and what they’ll be doing on it. Find out when they’ll need it so you can prevent bandwidth-intensive tasks from bogging down your wireless network. Determine the number and location of wireless access points.

0:30 Get the Gear
Purchase the gear that creates the wireless network and connects you to the Internet—the access points, routers, and hubs. You’ll also need to purchase wireless network cards for every desktop, laptop, PDA, printer, or other device that will connect to the established wireless network. Be sure that the cards support the same standard and broadcast frequency as the wireless access point.

0:15 Implement Wireless Security
Wireless networks broadcast data packets—your information—out into thin air where anyone can pick up the broadcasts. So you’ll need to implement some wireless-specific security measures, such as MAC addressing, data encryption, and other traditional security techniques.
Article courtesy of SCORE & HP Small Business Connection

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