How to Run a Smarter Tech Company

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Being in tech means staying on top of all the latest trends. It’s difficult to be in this industry without having knowledge on what’s new and what’s to come. If you are in search of ways to provide value to your company while making it smarter, these are a few things you can do.

Look into smarter security software

Having a smart tech company means having proper security in place to make sure nothing goes wrong. In an age of constant technological shifts, there is no room for error. Hackers get smarter with technology, so it’s in your best interest to be as secure as possible. One way to start is by looking into the available security software options. Start with protecting the data and vulnerable online information by getting a VPN and some cloud data security.

The next step is protecting your physical company. It’s crucial to invest in enterprise video systems that can monitor the premise. Not only will there be video records should an incident occur, but installing a surveillance system can actually help you take a proactive approach against security. With the utilization of AI, the latest hybrid-cloud systems can alert end-users when suspicious activity is detected, allowing security teams and IT personnel to respond to threats in real-time rather than wait until an accident has taken place. Keeping your business physically safe is just as important as keeping it technologically safe.

Find a CRM that is perfect for your company

CRMs are the way of the future. If your company doesn’t have one, or has one that isn’t effective, it might be time to change this. Having a good CRM will make everything run a lot smoother. If you are in sales, CRMs like Hubspot can help you see where your leads are coming from as well as information on potential customers. Without a CRM, you could be missing out on tons of important information which can provide your company with invaluable insight.

Invest in your employees’ success and happiness

Investing in the happiness of your employees is one sure way to improve morale and boost productivity. It is essential for employees to be comfortable in their working environment and have a boss that supports them. Having your team fill out items like monthly satisfaction surveys is a great way to gauge how everyone is feeling about the environment and receive insight into what needs to be changed. Employees are onsite almost everyday, which means they likely have tips that could make everyone’s job easier.

Companies like Google appreciate employee ideas and feedback. This has lead to some Google sites being developed that wouldn’t have been otherwise. They have spaces that are dedicated for collaboration and ideas. The moral of the story is that you should be open to learning from anyone and everyone who has something to say.

Have a way to manage company productivity

Some companies that aren’t ahead of the tech game waste a lot of time with pointless in-person meetings and processes that aren’t necessary. Advanced companies are looking for ways to cut out time that is wasted. Start with cancelling useless meetings that can be replaced with a 30-minute video call once a month. Trimming down these time-consuming matters leaves more room for everyone to focus on their tasks at hand.

Another way to manage productivity is by allowing remote work. If you have employees with long commutes who have no reason to physically be in the office, see how they feel about remote working. This could save them two hours a day, which is very much worth it.

These are all some effective tips to running a smarter tech company. Just make sure to be open to change and to new ideas.

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