How to Repair Cracked Walls

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Cracks on walls are not just cosmetic issues for your home. In reality, it is more than that. At first when you see cracks, you think that it is due to low quality paint. But when you look close and see moisture seeping through these cracks, you will realize that you need to get serious about cracked wall repair.

What causes cracks on walls?

The first question that comes into your mind is why these cracks are appearing in the first place. Here are some reasons.

Hydrostatic pressure

Sometimes water leakage in your home is the main reason behind these cracks. You often see these cracks on the basement walls. It is because you have HVAC units and plumbing pipes in these areas. When these pipes burst or leak due to plumbing issues, it’s when water accumulates in your walls. This high water level increases pressure on the walls. At first this pressure affects the quality of concrete and other material and later it poses too much pressure that walls start bowing.

Soil settlement

Every home is built on different types of soils. When your home soil is expansive then its temperature changes will affect the soil underneath. It settles a lot and thereby different kinds of cracks appear on the walls.


Sometimes these cracks appear due to water pools built all around your home. During heavy rain, you often see that water accumulates all around your home foundation. Soon this water reaches underneath home walls and affects its structure. Concrete starts crumbling and you often see cracks on drywalls. You need to seek expert help for wall crack repairs in Western Colorado.

Structural vs. Non Structural Cracks

Not every crack on your wall is a sign of structural damage. You shouldn’t be worried about hairline cracks a lot as they are usually due to low quality paint. You can fix them with waterproof sealants and paints.

However when the crack is wider and deeper than one inch then you should show some concerns.Its the point where you seek professional cracked wall repair in….

The structural crack should be filled at the right time.If they don’t then they will expand over time and it might start seeping to affect the overall structural integrity of the home.

How to fix cracked walls?

Here are some solutions:

Crack stitching

If cracks appear in concrete then you need to seek crack stitching services. It’s because you should have to add support to your structure. For this purpose, holes are drilled on both sides. After that staples are used to stitch them and hold the crack together. The weight of the foundation is distributed on the staple.


Contractors inspect your cracks. If they are of serious nature then they will use either epoxy or polyurethane injections. They are quite effective as they can also withstand water and climate changes..


If cracks are large in size but not very deep then waterproof sealants are used to fix the issue.

Please don’t try to save money by going with a DIY repair approach. You may save money but if you don’t repair it right then it might lead to a serious issue. Always hire experts as they know how to repair cracked walls in the right manner.