How to Present Your Personal Experience During Your First Job Interview

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When you apply for a job, you usually submit a cover letter and a resume of your previous job that makes you fit for the position. As soon as you reach the job meeting, your potential employer might have already reviewed the materials you have submitted for the job to become familiar with your background. Interviewers might put forward experience interview question. This gives you the chance to do what you think is valuable to the new role.

What if You are Just Starting Out?

If you are just starting out, you will have to share your personal experience to tell your potential employer that you are adequate for the role instead of previous work experiences. Students who are searching for a job for the first time often don’t know what they have to put down in the experience column on their resume. In this case, the best thing you can do is write about personal experiences that are suitable for the job position. In case you are unsure how to do this check out a few essay samples that talk about personal experiences. There are many essay examples to be found over the internet.

The essays will tell you how you can talk about your personal experience and how it has prepared you for the role. This way when you land for the actual meeting, you are not going to be stressed about answering the questions in the best possible manner as you have already read examples online.

Here are a few tips that will explain how to prepare for first job interview.

1. Research the Company

This is one of the best tips for a first job interview. Before you go for the interview and share your personal experiences, you need to research the company. You have to gain base knowledge on how they operate. Information is usually available online. Before you are asked about what you can do, you might be asked what you know about the company. If you are interviewing with an industry hotshot, check the About Us section of their website. All in all, you need to review the website of your employer to learn more. Also, don’t forget to check the social media pages to know about the current focus of the company.

2. Plan the Answer

The meeting prompt will give you the opportunity to summarize your training and education that make you an app candidate for the role. Use the time to present the things that you have mentioned on the resume clearly in terms of how they are preparing for the responsibilities of the position and contribution to the goals of the company. Prior to the interview, you can write down the best talking points for organizing your thoughts. Here are the steps that will help in preparing your answer.

● Study the job description.

● Make clear connections.

● Review the application materials.

● Practice the answer.

To practice the answers, you can check out the interview samples available over the internet.

3. Study the Job Description

You need to familiarize yourself with the expectations of your position. Furthermore, you will have to consider if you can handle the responsibilities that will be given to you. On a piece of paper, write down what the role entails. This needs to include the ideal goals, necessary skills, and daily tasks. Make sure that you are able to identify the tools that have been included in the job description. By recalling the preferred and required qualifications for the job, you can understand the experiences and skills you can discuss. You can also explain how is your previous experience relevant to this role.

4. Practice Interviewing

Prepare a list of questions and answers. Then you can ask a friend or a family member to ask you those questions. You will find essay and topics on interview questions and you can check them out to prepare the questionnaire.

These will help you to practice interviewing. Hence, you are comfortable with the entire process.

5. Use Simple and Active Statements in the Interview

When the interviewer asks you something about your experience, you need to use a clear statement and strong verbs. This will effectively outline your abilities and skills. Simple and short sentences will make you sound conversational and polished. Making active statements will make you come across as proactive and confident.

When you are answering the questions, make sure you just discuss what you can do, the things you have accomplished, and your plans of succeeding in the new role. It will help in ascertaining that you have new details to share throughout the meeting. If you can, add data to the proven value of the accomplishments.


A goal statement is what you have decided you want to achieve in your new role. Finish off the interview by stating the contributions that you can make and help the business. All these tips tell you how to explain work experience in interview.