How to Make Sure Your Office is Completely Secure

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How to Make Sure Your Office is Completely Secure

Imagine arriving at the office on schedule to find the door unlocked and open. You peak your head inside and see the place ransacked — drawers open, files thrown about and computers missing.

All businesses are at risk of burglary, theft and robbery, crimes that cost billions in losses each year. Learn how to detect vulnerabilities in your security system and ensure your office is safe.

Use an Alarm System

Consider a monitored alarm system combined with CCTV footage to deter thieves. The system transmits emergency signals to a monitoring station via mobile connection or landline, ensuring the shortest possible police response time.

In one survey of convicted offenders, 83% claimed they looked for an alarm before attempting a burglary. If they found one, 60% said they’d pick a new target. While video footage is associated with solving crimes, criminals know how to keep their faces out of a shot. Consult with a security expert to understand how to place cameras strategically.

Install Exterior Lighting

Who watches over the building when everyone goes home for the night? While a monitored security system is ideal, exterior lighting is a must. Outdoor lights, especially motion-activated ones, make burglars feel observed and conspicuous.

Passive infrared is the most popular form of security lighting. Anyone who passes through the invisible barrier will get illuminated instantly. Plus, employees still inside will see who is approaching.

Choose the Right Doors

An old or faulty garage door will allow intruders in. Operate with full security by investing in a reliable, high-quality entrance. A rolling steel garage door can manage risks more effectively. Plus, it will boost productivity and reduce truck idling time, which keeps fuel costs low.

A steel entry will prevent criminals from gaining access to your office, but it won’t affect the efficient flow of products and materials. You can restrict access by unauthorized visitors and secure your building’s critical assets, such as private data.

Lock Away Crucial Documents

The loss of confidential documents can be a nightmare scenario for any business. Keep all sensitive information locked in a filing cabinet or desk drawer. Store back up copies of files on an off-site hard drive. Data stored on hard drives should be encrypted and password protected.

Put cash in a safe that is water- and fire-resistant. Only give keys to approved personnel. Deposit money at the end of each shift to avoid large quantities left in the office.

Add Laptop and Monitor Locks

Laptops are a central target during a burglary. They have a higher rate of security problems than desktops, and 98% of victims never see their stolen device again. Fortunately, you can secure any computer with a lock.

A laptop or desktop lock is similar to a bike lock — a metal cable physically connects your computer to the ground. This security measure is cost-effective and straightforward, a must for any office with valuable yet portable equipment.

How to Secure Your Office

Offices are full of valuable items — cash, confidential documents, computers and, most importantly, employees. Take steps to deter intruders with security cameras and exterior lighting. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent crime entirely. Stop crooks in their tracks with additional measures like steel entrances and locked computers.

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