How to know when to quit your job and go self-employed

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How to know when to quit your job and go self-employed

Needing to work for a living is an unfortunate part of adult life, but there is of course a better way. Being self-employed comes with so many benefits, but that doesn’t mean that deciding to quit your regular full-time job is a straightforward or quick decision. Even if you feel disgruntled or frustrated, there can still be many reasons to decide to stay put, and you need to ask yourself lots of important questions.

For example, what is it that you don’t like about your job? Is it the work you’re doing, the people you work with or the conditions you’re working in? Each of these can potentially be sorted out without you having to actually quit your job, so maybe you need to schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss your concerns? If your commute is the issue, then going self-employed certainly seems tempting as it removes that worry altogether, but could you arrange to work from home within your current role?

The most important factor to take into consideration is how you would support yourself if you quit, because it’s far from certain that you’d be able to earn a similar monthly income from self employment straight away. Here’s your guide to how to know when to quit your job.

Is it time to quit your job?

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