How to Grow Your Freelance Writing Career

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The freelance writing industry has continued its tremendous growth on the backdrop of the growing demand for high-quality content. The internet now allows professionals from all walks of life to make money through freelancing, either part-time or full-time. Whether you are a blogger, essay writer at, copywriter, or any other type of freelance writer, you need the right strategy to grow your career.

This article offers invaluable tips on growing your freelance writing career in a highly competitive industry. Read on to learn more.

1. Find a niche

Most newbies approach freelance writing in a general manner. This means they can work on any order that comes their way. While this will earn you money, you cannot grow your career without identifying your specialty.

With time, you will find the areas where you are most comfortable in and you can decide to specialize in these. For instance, many writers focus on fashion blogs and web content, while others work exclusively in the automotive industry. It is easier to grow your career when you carve a niche for yourself as clients will feel more confident working with you.

2. Leverage your past work History/ Training

Finding well-paying writing jobs is not easy for a newbie and this discourages many writers. However, you can still leverage your past work experience and educational training to bid for work. Many freelancers start out without any background in writing and go on to create successful careers in the industry. Make sure you create a comprehensive career profile that shows your skills and expertise to land the best gigs.

3. Create a Blog

One of the best tricks to grow as a freelance writer is to create a blog. Blogging is the best way to showcase your work and attract well-paying clients. Once you create a blog, go ahead and share your posts on social media networks. The idea is to drive traffic to your blog and convince readers that you have the skills they require.

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4. Network and network

It is common for every professional to talk about the importance of networking but for freelance writers, it is necessary. The freelance industry continues roaring with 56.7 million Americans doing freelance work today, according to Forbes.

These professionals grow their careers through strong relationships and as a writer, you have to learn this early. Contact the more established freelance writers by sharing your content and asking for referrals. Guest blogging is a great idea to build your list of contacts in the industry. You should also join freelance writers’ forums to learn more about the industry and start building relationships.

5. Diversify

The most successful freelance writers leverage internet technology to build more relationships and also make money. You will find freelance writers who are also marketers, web designers, transcribers, virtual assistants, editors, tutors, among other jobs. This not only sustains you when jobs are low but also builds a network of clients.

Growing your freelance writing career requires innovation, dedication, and resilience. These few tips provide a springboard for you to build upon and grow your career.

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Susan Melony is a writer and content marketer based in Kansas City. She writes about marketing, finance, business, and how to survive the solopreneur lifestyle. You can find her on Twitter.