How to Get Your Office to Go Green

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How to Get Your Office to Go Green

Going green is a lifestyle choice. Whether you’re motivated by the desire to leave the planet a better place for future generations or you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, your decision to lead a more environmental-conscious life is important to you. And now, you’re determined to bring this change into your workplace, too.

But how exactly do convince your fellow workers to bring environmental awareness into the office?

Here’s a look at a few arguments that will help you make your case when trying to convince those in your office to go green.

Build a Better Image

We’re at a point in time where sustainability is crucial — and everyone knows it. From talks about climate change to a fear of limited resources, going green is more pressing than it ever was before.

So when consumers are looking for businesses to turn to when spending their dollars, a business’s ethics and values inevitably come into play. Promoting sustainability is one value that seems to play a pivotal role in whether or not a customer will invest in a given company.

In fact, 90% of CEOS claim that sustainability is crucial to success. Since you’ll shed more positive attention on your business, going green is a sound business decision that’s worth the investment.

Highlight the Cost-Saving Measures

Going green is a win-win for the Earth and business owners. You can pose the argument that adopting eco-friendly measures in the office will promote a better image for your business, but you can also tout the cost-saving measures of going green, too.

Being mindful of waste and power usage in the office can ultimately save a business a ton of money in the long run. Swapping out paper waste for sustainable products, making an effort to be more energy efficient and installing water dispensing systems are all simple actions that can lead to thousands of dollars saved each year.

Mention the Environmental Benefits

One of the most obvious reasons to go green is to help do your part in keeping the world clean. Did you know that an astonishing 40% of carbon emissions in the country are caused by buildings alone? This means that businesses play a hefty role in determining how much they contribute to pollution in their surrounding area.

If you’re trying to get your office to go green, be adamant in voicing the importance of caring for the environment and the world at large. One business can have a tremendous impact on lowering contaminant and toxin levels. And, if more businesses adopt a green mindset, the positive changes would be astronomical.

Spotlight Your Attractiveness to Future Employees

Everyone loves supporting a great cause. And believe it or not, future employers are no exception. When deciding to align with a new company, professionals in the work force and likely to investigate a prospective employer — green measures included.

Promoting a green-friendly work environment makes you a more attractive option. When you support a cause that contributes to a healthier and more sustainable world, it makes it easier for individuals to align with your business when searching for employment.

Feel Good About Supporting the Planet

It just feels good to know that you did something positive. That’s why we love holding doors open for others, donating to charity and going green.

When you know that your actions can have a positive immediate and long-term impact on the world around you, it makes it easier to say yes to green measures. Environmental consciousness helps the surrounding environment and those who live in it — so what’s not to love? When pitching green measures, it doesn’t hurt to note that this lifestyle change can make you happier, too.

Are you ready to convince your office to go green? Turning your office into an eco-conscious establishment is just one step you can take to make the world a better place tomorrow — starting with your efforts today.

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