How to Fuel Your Inspiration When You’re Self Employed

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Having a constant source of income is a thing obviously desired by everyone. While many people elect to work for someone else, some others choose to be self employed and make their own pace in whatever sector they choose. For each class of people, one thing is necessary for productivity and longevity and that is constant inspiration. Any self-employed person who does not get inspiration regularly may not be able to meet up with the demands of innovation, uniqueness and other strategies to improve their business. Below are some tips to help keep your inspiration burning.

1. Get a daily source:

It is a great idea to keep a daily source of inspiration. For example, I follow the Rock on Instagram because I know he posts inspirational stuff daily; as someone I admire, it is easy to always check his page and keep my inspiration burning. You can do the same with whoever or whatever you admire and can draw motivation from. Sometimes, funny inspirational quotes will do the magic.

2. Focus on your goal:

The first and most important thing is to focus on whatever goal or goals that you have set for yourself. From personal experience, I have found that simply meditating on your vision daily can help you get insights and subsequently, ideas that will bring improvement to you. So focus, focus, focus.

3. Learn new things, but keep the old close:

A mind that stops learning is almost finished. The importance of constant knowledge has been emphasized by successful people in history and you will do well to take it to heart. What have you learned about your area of operation in recent times? What new knowledge do you have as a self employed? Learn new things but don’t forget the old. You need them both.

4. Have someone you can share with:

Many times, it takes seeing from another’s point of view for us to get an angle of understanding on a subject. This means that you should have someone who you constantly share and talk with; someone who can help you think of other angles you probably would never think of on your own. In essence, build a network with people.

5. Never limit yourself:

Sometimes the inspiration you seek is in doing something even when you’re uninspired to. Countless times, what looked like an ordinary move turned out to be great for me. Don’t keep yourself limited to just normal moves while waiting to “get inspired”.

6. Celebrate your successes:

Your mind is a beautiful flower that responds to love and care. When you celebrate the “little” successes you have, your mind works better to find ways to keep the euphoria up. Do not wait until you have a “major success” before you buy that bottle of wine or buy yourself a dinner to celebrate.

7. Keep your mind active:

Self inspiration comes from an active mind and it is very important that you don’t stay idle. Even when you’re resting, you can easily allow your mind play over your business. You’ll be surprised at the fruit it yields.

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John is a serial entrepreneur and writer who is passionate about helping small businesses launch and grow. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.