How to Freelance More Productively

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We can all agree that freelancing is an awesome way of becoming your own boss and being able to provide for your family. However, your productivity might not be as great as you want it to be, no matter how hard you work and how many projects you take.

If this is the case, you probably have to improve the way you manage your time. Deadlines can give you that shot of adrenaline you need to go berserk, but you shouldn’t really base your productivity on that because it isn’t a healthy practice.

An employee time clock is a much more pleasant option. This is how such an app could increase your productivity:

  • Reduces Idle Time

Let’s face it: you’re always tempted to take a slacker when you shouldn’t. This will have a negative impact on your productivity, especially if you work on multiple projects at the same time.

You’ve probably had days when you had to work but your brain was set on having a pina colada instead. Knowing you’re in a battle against time, though, will get you right back on track.

An app like OnTheClock, to give you just one example, will make you a tad more accountable and allow you to track your progress on all your projects. It works on computers, tablets and phones, so you can have a clear report on your work wherever you go.

  • Gives You A Sense Of Your Skill

You’ll see how quickly you can write, say, a 10.000 word article. Next time you get a 10.000k word project, you’ll give the employer a realistic due date.

I was a freelancer myself and I would often say I would finish writing a certain document in a short time but then had sleepless nights because I would underestimate the complexity of the project.

It’s better to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own. By using an employee time clock, you’ll know exactly how much time you need to get a job done.

  • Allows You To Compete With Yourself

As a freelancer, you should better yourself on a constant basis. If you’re at the same level you were when you started, even after months in which you’ve wrote extensively, then you’ve got a problem you should address immediately.

A clock will give you the jab of determination and conscientiousness you need to become an infallible freelancer that doesn’t shy away from any project, regardless of how complicated and long-term it is.

Obviously, your income will be grander, as well.

  • Work Done More Effectively

You must know your limits. Swamping yourself with tens of tasks isn’t a very good practice, even then when you can actually pull those off. Plus, you’ll know when to take a break, which is essential.

A clock will remind you that you shouldn’t put too much on your plate than you can actually gobble on. This will improve your energy levels and even your excitement.

Concluding Remarks

Most people turn to freelancing because they think it’s a piece of cake and anybody can do it. Nothing more wrong: just like any other job in this world, it requires determination and professionalism.

Time management is the most serious problem affiliated with this way of earning money. It always looks like you have more time on your hands than you really have.

If this happens, you’ll most definitely miscalculate a due time and either work more than you should have in your first place or miss the deadline altogether. Take our word for it: an employee time clock is certainly of help.