How to Find the Right Talent for Your Business

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This modern information-driven era makes it easier to find talent than ever before. However, it can still be challenging to find qualified candidates for your company. Due to the saturation of unqualified candidates in the job market, finding the best prospects for your position can become quite tricky.

Your in-house recruiters can do their best, but that doesn’t mean that the desired candidates will automatically surface right away.  Statistics suggest that 73% of candidates are passive job seekers.  The following tips will help you with your efforts to recruit worthy talent.

Establish your Company Mission and Values

What are your company’s values, mission statement, and overall vision? While a candidate might have all of the experience and skills on their CV, if they are not the right fit for the culture and company environment, they are not worth the time and trouble.

The importance of communicating your team’s vision, mission, and values up front cannot be overstated.  It helps to identify and show specific examples of how these behaviors are exhibited within your company culture. In turn, you are also subsequently utilizing your perception as a powerful recruitment tool.

This aids in assisting with attracting the candidates that are a good fit and starts to sell them on your company’s vision. Hiring candidates without adding this to the process may result in hiring candidates that are qualified but not compatible.

Online Communities

If you are in search of specialized talent, online communities and niche-specific job boards are excellent options for finding talent.  Recruiters need to seek out prospects in the places most likely to provide experienced candidates.

If you are looking to fill an opening in your IT department, you shouldn’t post to general communities–be specific when posting.  On the other hand, if you post to general sites that are frequented by tech-savvy individuals, you will likely attract qualified talent in the tech space.

Staffing Firms

Is your in-house recruitment team having trouble finding the right talent? It may be wise to outsource the task to firms that specialize in finding the right people for your position. A staffing agency will have a vast database and plenty of experience with matching qualified candidates with the right companies.

The resources and contacts these companies have access to will likely save your company time. These companies will work along with your in-house staff to identify and contact the prospects you need.

Use Assessment Testing

When possible, requiring candidates to take assessment tests before being interviewed is suggested. Preliminary assessment helps to qualify those candidates that are perfect for the position and also weeds out those that are not suited for the job opening.

In cases where contracted talent is sought, offering the prospect a small, paid assignment to assess their capabilities keeps the company from committing to candidates that may not be a good fit.


Use these tips and tools to narrow down the prospects for your position and to shorten your recruitment time. It is essential also to take ample time to vet each candidate and not rush to judgment. After all, recruitment is a process and not an event.

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