How To Ensure Your iMac Is Running In Top Condition

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Regardless, if you are a new Mac user or have been using them for the past fifteen years, there is a good chance you know that Macs was specifically designed for graphics and storage. Over the years there has been a new Mac desktop computer introduced on the market and it is known as the iMac. This desktop computer provides users with the ability to process information unlike anything else available on the market. However, there are times when your iMac might experience slow speeds. These slow speeds are not only detrimental to your browsing experience, but they could affect your Internet activity, so how can you ensure that you are doing everything within your power to avoid these slow speeds?

Managing Your Startup Items

It should not be a big surprise that a clean startup can boost the speed of your iMac. Starting up your iMac is without a doubt one of the most strenuous activities, and when you are running a lot of unnecessary apps it can really slow down the overall activity of your Mac. That being said, you can completely take control of your Mac and ensure that it is only running the necessary items during startup. In order to do this, you have to access system preferences and then navigate your way to users & groups. This will show a list of items that are launched when your iMac is restarted or booted up. Eliminating some of these unwanted items will help speed up your Mac and give you the speed that you desire.

Always Clean That Hard Drive

If you experience your Mac is running slowly one of the best options that you have available to you is cleaning the hard drive. This pretty much allows you to go through your iMac and clean out everything on the hard drive that could potentially be slowing down your Mac. Caches, logs, unneeded apps, widgets, hidden trash, and other large files could potentially be slowing down the speed of your Mac. Don’t fret, as there are a variety of tools and apps online that were specifically designed to help you with such issues. You can also try to find duplicate files on Mac and delete them.

Run Routine Repair Permissions

One of the best ways to be sure that you iMac is operating efficiently and smoothing is to run routine Repair Permissions. This process will detect problems with security. If any issues are detected, you should follow up with by running Erase Free Space. This process will take several hours to complete. To avoid interruption in your work or Internet usage, perform it overnight.

Never Use Alcohol-Based Cleaners

When you clean your iMac, be sure to only utilize cleaners that are specifically made for computers. Alcohol- and ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided at all cost. Apple recommends cleaning the display screen with tap water. If this is insufficient, you can invest in a cleaner that is safe for computers and other electronic devices.

Avoid Exposure High Temperatures

You should also avoid exposing your iMac to extremely low and high temperatures. Heat and cold can lessen and damage the performance of your iMac. Not only will these temperatures cause fluctuations of performance, but also potentially leave some of the sensitive internal components permanently damaged.

High humidity can also damage an iMac. So, if you plan on spending time around the pool or outdoors, do not take your computer. Play it safe and keep you computer in a controlled environment, such as your home, office or schoolroom.

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