How to Ensure Your Employees Stay Safe During Lockdown

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How to Ensure Your Employees Stay Safe During Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has brought a lot of changes for UK businesses. Many have been forced to close their doors temporarily, working from home where they can.

While remote working has grown in popularity in recent years, it can be difficult making the switch when you’re used to having everyone together in the office. Keeping your employees safe during the lockdown isn’t easy, but there are some great tips you can follow.

Help with stress reduction

Even if your employees are still able to work from home and continue earning, the lockdown is having a huge impact on mental health. There is a growing mental health crisis which, if left untreated, could result in employees needing to take time off sick.

To help protect your employee’s mental health during the lockdown, focus on stress-reduction techniques. Make sure you let your employees know that they can take regular breaks to do yoga or meditation for example. You can also partake in regular video meetings for the whole team so they still get some level of interaction with each other.

Encourage physical activity

Equally important is making sure they get enough physical exercise. This will also help with stress reduction while boosting energy levels. Exercise is important anyway, but it becomes even more crucial during a lockdown. The lower physical activity can cause issues with productivity as well as increase their risk of illness.

Stay up to date with legislation

It’s important to keep up to date with the latest legislation. During these unprecedented times, legislation surrounding working from home is constantly evolving. To ensure workers are safe, you’ll want to hire professionals legal specialist like Browne Jacobson. They can help you to ensure you are meeting the latest regulatory advice.

Focus on cybersecurity

As well as the effects on their mental and physical health, the lockdown also poses a security threat to your employees. If they are working from home, you’ll need to ensure they are working over a secure network. Investing in a VPN can ensure all work-related documents and information are kept fully secure. You’ll also want to ensure they know not to click on any links from unknown sources.

With no end in sight to the current lockdown just yet, ensuring your employees are safe and well should be a priority. The above are just some of the steps you can take to improve their health and wellbeing during these trying times.

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