How to Effectively Build a High-Quality Landing Page to Capture Customer Information

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Ah, the landing page. Never has a single webpage been more important or tricky to get just right when it comes to grabbing a reader’s attention and closing that sale or conversion.

It’s that right mix of beautiful design and a strong call to action. And while there is no one-size-fits-all method, there are some key elements that every good landing page has in common.

An Image Says A 1,000 Words

Before you can say a word, your potential customer’s brain has already begun processing the image you have chosen to pair with your offer on your landing page. So when you have decided upon the purpose of your landing page, the theme, and the general feeling you want to leave with the reader, you want to pair your copy with a picture that perfectly sums up everything your words cannot. We’re talking big, bold, and beautiful. You want an image that stands out from all the thousands of pictures they’ve scrolled past in the last hour. While there are many great photos out there, you should always consider a photo with a person’s face. There’s something very magnetic about a human face to another human, especially their eyes. When in doubt, find a photo that helps create that human connection.

Powerful Headline

You won’t be able to grab the reader’s attention without a headline that breaks through the noise and leaves you with a compelling question that must be answered. That’s not to say you need to be overly sensational or vague, but rather you quickly let the reader know what problem your product solves while inviting them in and piquing their curiosity with an interesting promise. However, you need to be prepared to make good on your promise and answer later or you will disappoint them and drive them away for good.

Subheads that Sizzle

If the headline was explosive and effective, the subheading needs to sizzle and draw them into the story you are telling. This is where you show the reader you have the right stuff, that you weren’t just bluffing with the headline and you do have an innovative solution to their problem. If you’re unsure of how to word your copy, consider getting some backup from clickfunnel services. They are adaptable to any campaign and fit a variety of budgets, just check out some Clickfunnels pricing plans to get started. Some even have free trials you can take advantage of to get the feel for them.

Be Clear

There’s always a temptation when writing copy that converts to suddenly get poetic or verbose, but that’s not really what convinces people. If you try to impress a potential customer with your vocabulary or fancy words just stop, put the thesaurus down, and start again. Being clear and concise is a wonderful way to show readers you care about their time and their intelligence. This effective landing page is not about you or your way with words, it’s about communicating effectively. In 15 seconds they should know what you’re offering and why it’s important to your potential customer’s survival, whether it’s to help them thrive, make more money, become more popular, or find inner peace.

Identify The Pain Point

If you can quickly identify a reader’s pain point; that thing that keeps them up at night or the frustration that causes road rage, you will have their attention. If you can put your finger on the scenario and script that they replay in their heads during the day and even help them realize that they’re not alone in feeling this way? You will have their attention for a long time. Show them you understand, and then explain how they will be overcome this problem, and the stakes if they don’t take action and continue to let this pain point or obstacle stand in their way to what they want and need. Then you can also show them the fuller life available if they can indeed overcome.


Finally, nothing quite seals a deal like a good testimonial and a solid guarantee. Let the reader know that others have felt similar pain, used this solution, and overcome their challenges to live the full life they hope is waiting for them on the other side. Hearing it from someone else who struggled with the same frustration as they did, with the same limitations as they are working under, will make things real. And if you can follow up with a money-back guarantee, that takes care of any lingering risks they may still be weighing in their minds.

You’ve inspired, entertained, and encouraged your readers and potential customers or clients, but now it’s time to let them enter the story as the hero we’ve all been waiting for; the hero they’ve secretly hoped they could be this whole time. When in doubt, go for a big button. People love buttons! But more than that, people desire to see their current situation change for the better. If you give them a clear path and reasons why all you have to do is get out of the way and cheer them on. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them.