How To Dress If You’re A Short Guy!

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If you are someone who is afraid of his short height and find it difficult to shop accordingly, then don’t you worry anymore! I have got you covered. Give a read to this article and learn what you should have and shouldn’t have in your wardrobe.

Go For Blazers

If you are a short guy, then blazer can be your best friend. The suit jackets and nice fitted blazers are a must for your wardrobe. They can be your life-savior options for many events. You can create a couple of looks with them. They help you build up your narrower shoulders and make you look tall, heightened, and strong. You can keep your jackets buttoned up to create a smart, slim, and silhouette appearance by making your chest looks bigger and waist looks smaller. This style will add the right amount of heightening effect for you. Select blazers that have a top button above your navel; they are usually two-button tops and make your legs look longer because of its perfect short cut appearance.

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Avoid Baggy Bottoms

The short people really need to keep themselves away from baggies, loose bottom pants, and low-waist trousers. The sagging pants style does not work right for short men. The baggy style has an adverse and double impact on their short height. If you are someone who has a short height, then it is best suited for you to wear trousers that covers your natural waistline. It will maximize your leg line and you will instantly look taller than usual. You also need to remember that a slimmer cut trouser makes you look longer even when you are wearing low-quality fabric or unusual prints. You can ask your tailor to stitch smaller trousers rise cut by keeping the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband.

Ditch Wearing Short Sleeves

Remember that, do not wear short sleeves if you think you have a short height. What you wear in reality tends to form an optical illusion for other people. And, trust me, you don’t want to look weird. The short sleeves will directly make your arms and shoulders look shorten and narrower. It is obvious when your arms look shorter, your height will look short and you will look small too. Instead of wearing short sleeves or half sleeves contemporary trends, go for long or full sleeves shirts that best suit with your body type. You can also cuff the sleeves of your formal and dress shirts to create an unimpeded line and make your body looks longer, bigger, and heightened. Check reputable sellers or online stores, if you’re looking for nice and high-quality dress shirts such as these from Nimble Made. For 2020, they have come up with a list of 5 best dress shirts that short men can easily carry.

Prefer Limited Use of Accessories

When you have short stature, you need to limit the accessories to only simple and basic levels. If you desire to look taller and bigger, it is advised that you restrict the use of oversized hats, scarves, belts, wristwatches, or anything like that. You unquestionably need to achieve an appropriate look so when someone’s eyes sweep upward; you appear taller. And to maintain that, don’t wear too much of stuff, for instance, baggy clothes, loud prints, crazy jewelry, upsized jackets, flashy shoes, big buckled belts, or large dial wristwatches. Steer very clear of such items. It does not mean you can absolutely have no flair; you can still wear decently designed hats, bright pocket square, light scheme scarfs, etc. So, remember the mantra; the lesser you go with your accessories, the more you look styled and taller.