How to Claim a Workplace Injury Compensation as Self Employed

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Workers don’t question their rights to ask for compensation when they are injured at work. On the contrary, self-employed people think that they are not entitled to claim compensation because they work for themselves. That makes sense to them because they don’t know who to blame when they get hurt.

Freelancers are put in a different category than those with regular jobs. However, in some instances, it is valid for them to file a request against the employers, even if they are not constant. You may be confused right now, so to help you understand more, we are going to explain your rights and how to claim them as well.

Be Aware of Your Rights

Self-employed people get hired by companies for certain projects and the contract may last for some time. Their expertise may be requested in a certain job that is not in the main hiring criteria. You may not have the same privileges as those who have a regular contract with the company. However, business owners have a duty towards every worker working under them regardless of their positions. They should ensure that the working conditions are safe and that they are sticking to the rules by delivering the necessary precautions.

If one of the employees is clueless about how to use the safety measure, the boss should offer training courses instead of assigning them the work without the required knowledge to protect themselves. Accordingly, you will have the right to claim compensation if you were not given the proper equipment, insufficient training, inadequate protective gear when they are needed. In case you are working from home, it may be challenging to connect your injury to your employer. It will all depend on the level of care that your company should provide you and the circumstances surrounding the accident. You will have to prove that your injury is not due to negligence on your side but because of the nature of your job.

Ask for Legal Assistance

Some people like to handle everything on their own, however, when it comes to legal issues, the normal layman is oblivious to the loopholes. If you go against a company without a professional law practitioner after you have suffered a personal injury, you may lose the case due to the lack of knowledge. Moreover, they will have more than one attorney defending them, so you will need to counteract that with your own lawyer.

It may be hard to put together a claim because you are a freelancer without a regular paycheck. Accordingly, your loss of income may be tough to prove because you don’t have a regular salary. An experienced lawyer will know how to present the data in a persuasive way that will allow you to receive a huge sum of money.

Keep the Medical Records

No matter how minor your injuries may seem, you should always seek medical help. You may not realize the severity of your wounds on the spot because some symptoms appear after a couple of hours or even days. For instance, internal damages may be seen as bruises but they can be fatal if left untreated. After getting a full assessment, you should keep the medical records to support your claim in case you decide to request compensation.

Collect Evidence

Some companies are straightforward and will admit their liability without negotiations. On the other hand, others are not as transparent and may try to get out of the situation without losing a penny. That’s why you need to collect as much evidence as possible to increase your chances of winning the case.

For instance, you should get photographs of the area to show whether the guidelines are written or not. The photos will also show the safety measures provided at the accident scene along with anything that may help your claim. Your injuries must be recorded immediately to show the extent of your suffering and accordingly, appeal to the owners’ emotional side. The words of the witnesses are also crucial, but you may be unable to get them to talk so you should let your attorney handle it.

Self-employed individuals are always skeptical when it comes to asking for their rights. However, they should know that once they are hired, they should be provided with the same care as the full-timers. Understanding your contract and knowing that you are entitled to compensation in case of being involved in an accident is the first step towards getting compensation. You should also know that fighting alone is not fruitful and having an attorney by your side will make the process easier.

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